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libdmtx is a software library that enables programs to read and write Data Matrix 2D barcodes. It runs natively on several platforms, and can be accessed by multiple languages. The package also provides fully featured command line utilities.
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Bakery is a game, its a first person role playing(where player plays the role of a baker, and sells things to make profit... and plays along the story line.

No releases made yet, its still under development.

Space Fighter Ace
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Win dogfights in space!
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Tags: 2d game gosu ruby
Stompy Robots! Using Gosu! Stuff explodes!
Gemini Game Engine
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2D Ruby game engine utilizing JRuby and the Slick game library. Emphasizes writing games that are highly modularized and easily tested.

Developer log at: http://dkoontz.wordpress.com

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Move to kenai.com

Note: I am no longer working on this project. If someone else wants it, let me know, and I can discuss what issues to watch out for as well as I know them. - Tom

RMagick is a Ruby binding to ImageMagick and GraphicsMagick. RMagick4J implements ImageMagick functionality and the C portions of RMagick for use with JRuby.

RMagick4J source is public domain, but it includes addition software. See LicenseInformation for more on the licenses.

You can install...

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Tags: cpp ruby 2d engine videogame
The SFII90 engine is designed to allow the development of video games or rapid development of video game prototypes using Ruby scripts. It is designed to be simple to use at the cost of possible speed sacrifices. Future versions are planned which will offer network game play, 3D scene and model support, cross-platform support, and speed optimizations.

The engine itself is written in C++ using Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Express. Developers are free to modify and/or add additional func...