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Rastullahs Lockenpracht
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Rastullahs Lockenpracht is a computer roleplaying game with the rules of the German pen and paper rpg system 'The Dark Eye' ('Das Schwarze Auge' in German).
We develop an easyly extensible 3D rpg game engine based on OGRE, Ruby and other mostly Open Source libraries.
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Mecha is a Ruby/OpenGL 3D particle physic simulator.
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osgSWIG is a collection of scripts and interface files to expose the OpenSceneGraph API and various NodeKits to a variety of target languages like Python, Lua and Java.
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Jankity1. (adj., slang) Badly assembled, poor quality.2. (n) JRuby + Processing integration of awesome power.Go Here Instead ProbablyThe Ruby-Processing folks have done a much better job of Ruby-tizing Processing. They even have applet compilation working! Woo!

What It IsJankity links Processing.org to a friendly interpreted language using JRuby. This allows runtime re-evaluation of code while sketches are running, and manipulation from a read-eval-print loop (irb, in this case.)


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Mecha SimulatorThe goal to this project is to be able to build objects (ultimately robots or any mechanic device) in a simulated 3D physic world, then to be able to control them with a joystick.

Programming language is Ruby.


# define a necklace:
20.times do |i|
string :last_two # do nothing if no two last elements
fix :first

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Tags: 3d visualization census kml ruby
A set of Ruby functions to generate KML files by parsing US Census boundary files and applying data inputs to generate 3D data visualization in Google Earth. The functions support many of the KML 2.1 features, 2000 - 1990 US Census boundary files, and Federal Elections Commision data files.
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Tags: fxruby 3d graphic ruby
RubyRoller is a 3D viewer written in Ruby and based on FXRuby. It's extendable to open any 3D file with corresponding plugins. It's easy to write your own scene graph manager.
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This repository hosts the su2rad.rb exporter script for Radiance and other daylight related scripts for SketchUp_.

su2rad.rbThis script exports your scene and perspective to a Radiance scene description. It is still under heavy development but the download link to the right ('featured') provides a snapshot with the most embarrassing bugs removed.

If you want the bleeding edge try the svn repository.

version 1.0.alpha

You can find the download package in the "Featured"...

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Tags: gui opengl 3d game ruby
Will add a description later.