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RSpec is a BDD tool and a framework which provides programmers with a Domain Specific Language to describe the behaviour of Ruby code with readable, executable examples that guide you in the design process and serve well as both documentation and tests.
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Cross platform BDD tool that lets domain experts define software behaviour in plain text. The text can be executed as automated tests.
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Tags: bdd rails ruby testing tdd
Shoulda makes it easy to write elegant, understandable, and maintainable tests. Shoulda consists of test macros, assertions, and helpers added on to the Test::Unit framework. It’s fully compatible with your existing tests, and requires no retooling to use.
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Celerity is a JRuby wrapper around HtmlUnit – a headless Java browser with JavaScript support. It provides a simple API for programmatic navigation through web applications. Celerity aims at being API compatible with Watir.
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RubySpec is a project to write a complete, executable specification for the Ruby programming language.

There are two main components to this project: the RubySpec sources, and the MSpec framework.

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JtestR is a tool that will make it easier to test Java code with state of the art Ruby tools. The main project is a collection of Ruby libraries bundled together with JRuby integration so that running tests is totally painless to set up. The project also includes a background server so that the startup cost of JRuby can be avoided. Examples of Ruby libraries included are RSpec, dust, Test/Unit, mocha and ActiveSupport.

The vision of the project is to be the testing tool of choice for Java ...

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Tags: bdd soc rspec specification devtool ruby
This project is one of Ruby's Summer of Code projects.

We'll be basing our specifications and infrastructure on Rubinius' specs.

Right now, we will only use this site for the Wiki. Releases will be done on the RubyTests project over at Rubyforge.

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Tags: test quickcheck spec bdd tdd ruby
The library allows the creation of tests based on real specifications. The developer provides properties of code (think: "for all X sqrt(X) > 0") and Test::Quick generates tests automagically to prove this assertions.

For more informations see QuickCheck for haskell or Test::LectroTest for perl.

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WebSpec is a web-based acceptance testing tool for web applications. It has two primary goals:

1) To ease the process of defining and running Selenium tests.

The goal is to have a web application for creating, storing, sharing, running and analyzing Selenium tests. Emphasis will be on usability and collaboration. Think "Fitnesse for Selenium".

2) To enable automated runs for those tests, which can then be triggered by continuous integration servers.

This will be done...

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Cucumber runner is replacement of the original RSpec story runner. This project enables running Cucumber features from Mingle.
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Nelson analyzes a model in your Rails project and provides you with the following:

1. a method to generate a mock object with all required fields supplied; this object can be a valid or invalid instance of the model; you can specify attributes to error on; you can override field values.

2. a file with stub! and should_receive statements for class and instance methods that can be automagically parsed

3. output of methods that could not be parsed

Nelson tries to take al...

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Tags: bdd ruby php
pspec is a port of rspec to phpuby which maintains the elegance of rspec in native php.
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rspec book cnThe purpose of this project is doing some translate Rspec official Document into Chinese. Additionaly we will collect some more interesting posts of Rspec, and tarnslate them(if en).

Our workhttp://code.google.com/p/rspec-cnbook/wiki/Overview

How join the translate teamSend a mail to ysorigin