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Rake is a Ruby make-like utility using standard Ruby syntax for the build specification file.
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Portupgrade (aka pkgtools) is a tool set for working with FreeBSD ports and packages. It enhances abilities of the system tools and adds many new ones.
openSUSE Build Service
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The openSUSE Build Service is an open and complete distribution development platform that provides infrastructure for a development of the future openSUSE distributions.

The service provides software developers with a tool to create and release open source software for openSUSE and other Linux distributions easily on different hardware architectures and for a broad user audience. Users can easily find the latest open source packages they are looking for and customize them. It provides a br...

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Mxx_ru (Make++ on Ruby) is a cross-platform build tool. It's intended for C/C++ languages in general, but it's easy to extend for handling other languages. It uses a template based approach for describing build process.
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Ruby Inline is an analog to Perl's Inline::C. Out of the box, it allows you to embed C/++ external module code in your ruby script directly. By writing simple builder classes, you can teach how to cope with new languages (fortran, perl, whatever).
Syllable build system
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Builder is the build system for the Syllable Desktop and Syllable Server operating systems, their native applications and third-party software ported to them.

Consonant is the new incarnation of Builder, written in ORCA, a partial clone of the REBOL language.

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Tags: ruby build ant make rake
bee is a build tool running YAML build files � la Ant, which won't bother you with writing code when not necessary and happens to be as fast as Make. These build files are thin layers around scripts written in Shell, Ruby or bee tasks for platform independant builds.
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Tags: rake testing build grid ruby ci
CI-Grid is a set of Rake tasks that can be used to create a build that executes across multiple machines. It also includes a simple file distribution mechanism to distribute build artifacts across the grid.
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Tags: tool rake jrake jruby ruby ant build java
Rake running on top of JRuby, with the power of Ruby at our disposal, with all the snappy goodness of a JVM based tool and the usual Ant tasks.
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Sake is a system-wide version of the Rake application, allowing you to copy and run tasks from one general file into your specific project.
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Tags: build ruby
This system born to simplify build manager's life