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jabber4r Jabber client library for Ruby
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Tags: library jabber ruby chat communications xmpp
The purpose of this library is to allow Ruby applications to talk to a Jabber IM system. Jabber is an open-source instant messaging service, which can be learned about at http://www.jabber.org .
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Easily create simple regex powered Jabber bots.
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Orion is an multi-language multi-protocol Library mostly covering Chat Protocols. At the moment IRC (ruby) is fully supported. MSN (ruby) is partly.
Ratchet Icecap client
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Tags: communications chat ruby
Ratchet is a Ruby/GTK2 Icecap (http://icecap.irssi2.org/) client which aims to use icecap to create a flexible and powerful messasaging client.
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Tags: ruby chat lingr
Ruby で作成した Lingr クライアントです。

仕事中など Lingr の画面を全開にしてしまうと困る場合など、こっそりコンソール画面でチャットするためにどうぞ。

ただし、使用中上司に見付かって怒られたりしても知りません。 自己責任で使用していただきますようお願いいたします。

ダウンロードはこちら http://code.google.com/p/ringr/source/checkout

とりあえず svn から落としてください。そしてREADMEを読むこと。

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Rubidium is a flexible, terminal-based IRC client that aims to imitate irssi's interface and mIRC/SysReset's scriptability.
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Simple BNC written in the interprented language Ruby.
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UPDATE: http://yeti-factory.org/2008/2/28/sleeping-mongrel-handlers May be of interest to people who want to further research the effect of a bulk of sleeping mongrel handlers on their server. In testing, the Rails app showed to still be responsive while the threads were sleeping (granted, the trivial code). More anecdotal production use notes are still required, tho. Also: in the testing, the server showed itself to eventually reach an error condition with "too many open files" caused by t...
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Tags: webbased chat rails ruby
Chatten is a web-based chatapplication written in Ruby with Rails
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Main GoalCodeIDE.com - is a website that helps building code in your Web Browser.

This service is for the people who want to start programming and for those, who want to remind previous experience.

On this site all people can run programs online and sometimes it's called as WebIDE

Supported languages for Now: Basic, Pascal, C/C++, JavaScript, Perl.

Languages that will be supported soon: Lisp, Java, Assembler, Ruby, Python

Additional ServicesSyntax Highlightin...

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{{Infobox bot | screenshot = [[Image:EckoSplash.jpg|250px]] | name = Ecko | developer = {{deviant|AzimuthDragon}} | language = [Ruby] | development_state = 0.1 Alpha (Rewrite 1) | source_model = Open source | last_release_s = None | license = [software] ([General Public License|GPL]) }}

Ecko is a WIP bot written by {{deviant|AzimuthDragon}}. Ecko was written in Azimuth's spare time as a fun project to occupy him when bored, and to provide a challenge and the next step in working with the ...

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Tags: ajax javascript merb sproutcore ruby chat web
The Hotline protocol provides the capability for a server to host files and lets users chat. FileTalk is an implementation of a Hotline client as a web application.

The project uses SproutCore on the frontend, and Merb on the backend.


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Tags: mobile ruby chat xmpp jabber
"Monogiki (物聞(ものぎき) - 情報提供者。表面に表れている事を見聞きして味方に報告する者)" is a simple Jabber/XMPP chat client for web browser, especially on mobile phone that has a capability to browse chtml.

Originally, it was developed for sending messages to twitter through Google talk. It could be used to chat with any other resources, such as ja2en@bot.talk.google.com and en2ja@bot.talk.google.com.

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Tags: chat yui xmpp4r ruby rails
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RailsChatSimple Chat SystemUsing Ruby on Rails & TigerBaumKuchen (Juggernaut)
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Tags: drb chat jabber rails ruby xmpp
I need a chat application for my websites in Rails, so here is my contribution based over xmpp4r. Alpha stage.
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Raimbo (Ruby AIM Bot Object) is a Ruby-powered AOL Instant Messenger(TM) Bot. It supports many features including reminders, pouncing, translation, googling and more.