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bot chatting da deviantart ecko im jabber message plugin rails xmpp xmpp4r
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Tags: messaging xmpp4r plugin chat jabber xmpp rails ruby
UPDATE: http://yeti-factory.org/2008/2/28/sleeping-mongrel-handlers May be of interest to people who want to further research the effect of a bulk of sleeping mongrel handlers on their server. In testing, the Rails app showed to still be responsive while the threads were sleeping (granted, the trivial code). More anecdotal production use notes are still required, tho. Also: in the testing, the server showed itself to eventually reach an error condition with "too many open files" caused by t...
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Tags: message messaging im chatting deviantart da bot chat ruby ecko
{{Infobox bot | screenshot = [[Image:EckoSplash.jpg|250px]] | name = Ecko | developer = {{deviant|AzimuthDragon}} | language = [Ruby] | development_state = 0.1 Alpha (Rewrite 1) | source_model = Open source | last_release_s = None | license = [software] ([General Public License|GPL]) }}

Ecko is a WIP bot written by {{deviant|AzimuthDragon}}. Ecko was written in Azimuth's spare time as a fun project to occupy him when bored, and to provide a challenge and the next step in working with the ...