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Noosfero is a social web platform. Noosfero features, among other things:

* CMS: articles, blog, etc
* social networking: sharing interests, thematic discussion, etc
* eCommerce
* Free Image Database

Noosfero is being developed by Colivre under contracts with both Fórum Brasileiro de Economia Solidária - Brazil and Ynternet.org Foundation - Switzerland. Noosfero is free software, released under GNU Affero General Public Licen...

Encore Community
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Tags: wiki confluence rails ruby xml-rpc community
Encore is an online academic community dedicated to the learning sciences. The community is powered by a variety of technologies, including a modified version of the Confluence Enterprise Wiki by Atlassian Software, and a custom-built Ruby on Rails application.

This project opens the source code behind some of these technologies and modifications under the GPL.

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Tags: networking community rails ruby engine social technology
Ruby on Rails based community builder, used at iCoreTech Research Labs (icoretech.org)
Steam Condenser
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The Steam Condenser is a multi-language library for querying the Steam Community, Source and GoldSrc game servers as well as the Steam master servers. Currently it is implemented in Java, PHP and Ruby.
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Malaysia.rb is the home of Ruby enthusiasts from around Malaysia. The projects contained within are the collective effort of the group. Projects are geared towards giving back to the community in the form of public web applications with a Malaysian context.

Project moved to http://malaysia-rb.devjavu.com

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Welcome to Mu Labs

The official site for Mu Dynamics comMUnity code sharing. Here you'll find resources such as scripts to drive the Mu Service Analyzer APIs. You'll also find Analysis Templates here. As a comMUnity site, Mu users are encouraged to contribute.

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Tags: cms community socialnetworking rails ruby
A community site for Ruby on Rails coders, created for the book 'Practical Rails Social Networking Sites', published by Apress.
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Tags: community shell ruby
ruby shell
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Tags: community bb forum rails ruby ror
Open-Source Ruby on Rails Bulletin Board. Lightweight, flexible and really nice bulletin board written in Ruby on Rails.
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Thislab is an online website framework for individuals to create personal information such as profiles, articles, blogs and forums.
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This project is currently being moved to Google Code

Urban Edibles is a cooperative network of wild food foragers. By creating awareness about what is available in our neighborhoods, we hope to re-establish the connection between people, environment and food.

Our current site is a elementary Ruby on Rails application that hasn't changed much in almost two years! Lots of new ideas have been proposed for a new version to make it more robust, full-featured, educational, and world-wide...

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Tags: philanthropy charity service community ruby rails 1kg.org
a grass-root charity online service platform & community

if you're interesting, please visit http://1kg.org

development environment:

iBook G4 running Mac OS X 10.4.11

ruby 1.8.5

rails 1.2.3

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Calagator is an all-volunteer effort to provide a unified calendar for technical communities and user groups in Portland, Oregon. Anyone can contribute information by importing, creating and editing entries.
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Tags: network wireless community web rails ruby
cwnmyr is a community-oriented network management tool which is intended to simplify a number of aspects of community networking, both technical and logistical.

It is capable of managing many kinds of information about people (users), areas (zones), sites (nodes) and network devices (hosts). Other tasks include generating some interesting maps and graphs as well as providing a consistent way to handle data.

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Tags: community forum rails ruby
This is a new project and hopefully I can get it working right and people will use it.
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Tags: ruby web2.0 domain community rails language business dsl
DSL Forge is a community website that is for all dsl fans submit their stories and show their ideas. DSL Forge is powered by ruby on rails and it is a web 2.0 website. We will launch a website at: www.dslforge.org

powered by ThoughtWorks

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We are developing a web based 'Green Map' for Glasgow, Scotland. The Green Map initiative aims to help people develop eco-friendly maps, both paper- and web-based, to help people make the the best use of the reuse facilities in their city. There is already a paper-based Glasgow green map in production and we aim to leverage it with this addition community resource.

The online map will be a system relying on the Google Maps API (though the code will make this interchangeable with other o...

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GrabTheMic is an Open Source implementation of community-driven news sites such as Digg (http://www.digg.com) and Reddit (http://www.reddit.com). It is powered by Ruby on Rails.
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Tags: platform ruby spiritual community web rails
Hengenveto on kommuunialusta joka on rakennettu Ruby on Railsilla. Tavoitteena on saada toimiva innovatiivinen kokonaisuus.