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Puppet lets you centrally manage every important aspect of your system using a cross-platform specification language that manages all the separate elements normally aggregated in different files, like users, cron jobs, and hosts, along with obviously discrete elements like packages, services, and files.

Puppet's simple declarative specification language provides powerful classing abilities for drawing out the similarities between hosts while allowing them to be as specific as necessary, an...

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Tags: daemon authentication camping ruby
Picnic makes it easy(ier) to distribute and run Camping-based applications as well-behaved stand-alone Linux servers.
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Tags: daemon irc ruby
ruby-ircd is an IRC daemon written in ruby. It extends the generic server of Webrick server.

It was created to to provide the IRC server and client implementations for ruby-hive project.

irc rfcs

FeaturesPure ruby Light Weight Supports Service Bots as threads Can be extended (is a library) Simple (Almost no) configuration Checked with leafchat, weechat, irssi, opera, chatzilla TodoChop commands [KICK, INVITE] others [SERVER, OPER, SQUIT, STATS, LINKS, TIME, CONNECT, TRACE, A...

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Tags: ruby nntpd daemon nntp
A tiny Usenet news server written in Ruby. It is intented to serve small isolated communities. (It does not currently support server chains. no IHAVE and TAKETHIS) but supports POST.

Related projectsNioz is a pure ruby NNTP server. 2ch-nntpd An gateway from bbs to NNTP

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using Ruby as the tool to store all the incoming email to sql server ( mysql , mssql , oracle etc ) , so that the external program can directly access the email without using the POP, IMAP protocol.

This can also use as a backend of the webmail server, and make use of the ROR (ruby on rails) to build the Web2.0 email application just like gmail

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Tags: camping ruby rest daemon notification
RESTful Messaging with HowlrThe Howlr daemon provides RESTful interface for sending outgoing messages. Messages are submitted via HTTP and dispatched to other protocols. Currently only email (SMTP and Sendmail) is supported, but other delivery methods (SMS, IM, etc.) are possible.

The idea is to provide a RESTful messaging service, as part of a larger REST-based enterprise infrastructure.

FeaturesRESTful HTTP interface for back-end integration with other RESTful network resources M...

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Some time ago I created a php client (personal use) for MPD (www.musicpd.org). After my first project with rails it's time for a new challenge. So that's why I'm creating MPD Radio 2.0. This time with a new language, (more) tests, documentation and sourcecode revision stuff...

Goals: realtime, stable and a clean design.

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Tags: plugin xmpp daemon server jabber ruby
DescriptionRJabberD is a Ruby Jabber server. Emphasis is placed on the Jabber portion, that is, the server is not designed purely for XMPP: all functionaly will be provided via plugins.

DevelopmentDevelopment will occur on Ruby 1.8.5.

NewsFor news please see the team blog. The wiki may also contain interesting information for end-users/end-developers.