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Tags: ruby rails deployment
A utility for executing commands in parallel on multiple machines, such as deploying applications to a cluster of boxes.
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Tags: ruby apache deployment rubyonrails
Passenger is a deployment system for Ruby web applications on Apache. Ruby deployment becomes an "upload & done" process.

Please visit http://www.modrails.com/ for the main website.

Jetty Rails
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Tags: jetty web rails ruby jruby deployment rubygem servlet
Jetty Rails aims to run any Warbler based jruby on rails applications with Jetty Container, loading configuration from Warbler.

This project is useful for people developing jruby on rails apps that can not use mongrel for development. Rails applications integrated with servlet based applications in the same context would be a reasonable reason.

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Rainpress is a compressor for CSS. It's written in ruby, but should not be limited to ruby projects.

Rainpress does not apply common compression algorithms like gzip, it removes unnecessary characters and replaces some attributes with a shorter equivalent name.

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Tags: javaee j2ee web ruby jruby rails rubygem deployment war rack
Warbler is a gem to make a .war file out of a Rails project. The intent is to provide a minimal, flexible, ruby-like way to bundle up all of your application files for deployment to a Java application server.

Warbler provides a sane set of out-of-the box defaults that should allow most Rails applications without external gem dependencies (aside from Rails itself) to assemble and Just Work.

Warbler bundles JRuby and the JRuby-Rack servlet adapter for dispatching requests to your appli...

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Tags: migrations migration tools deployment schema database rails on ruby
Ruby on Rails "Migrations" ported to .NET

Migrations are a way to define your database schema in such a way that it is easy to:
* put into source control (know which schema changes relate to which code changes)
* share between developers
* rollback or upgrade to any version of the schema from any version
* deploy your schema to test and production environments

SQL scripts (instead of Ruby scripts) are used for the migrations, ot...

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Summarymrnginx stands for mongrel_cluster rails nginx. It's a helper script which makes configuring multiple Rails sites with mongrel_cluster and nginx ridiculously easy.

Currently, this script is configured for Ubuntu Server, however with a little tweaking it should work on other distros.

Here's what it does:

creates mongrel_cluster YAML configuration file symlinks this file to /etc/mongrel_cluster creates nginx vhost file overwrites (and backs up) nginx configuration file ...

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Tags: deployment gem rpm rails ruby
RPM packages for Ruby, Gems and so on Ruby on Rails deployment infrastructure probably Ruby on Rails application server :>
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Tags: deployment capistrano ruby
Wondercap features:

Several extensions to Capistrano that can be especially useful while working with a number (>3) of projects with similar deployment configurations. A set of classes and recipes that allow deployment of a number of projects with dependencies management, rollback, custom deployment steps and so on.