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Syllable operating system family
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The goal of the Syllable project is to create a family of easy-to-use free software operating systems. It is the continuation of the BeOS-like AtheOS.

Syllable Desktop has its own C kernel with symmetric multiprocessing, multithreaded pre-emptive multitasking, high POSIX compliancy, 64-bit journaled filesystem (AFS) with metadata, an integrated native GUI architecture with an object-oriented C++ API, SDL, singular native toolkit and multi-user desktop environment. The system seeks to be an...

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Tags: ruby desktop window-manager wmii
ruby-wmii a fairly powerful Ruby script to configure and script the wmii-3 WM. It is much larger and more complex than the sample shell script included in wmii-3, but in exchange it allows you to code fairly complex behavior easily (for instance, ruby-wmii includes a powerful keyboard-controlled bookmark manager), and the basics work better in several ways.
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Tags: qt desktop software-development gnome ruby gtk
RuGUI is a framework which aims to help building desktop applications using the great Ruby/GTK API. RuGUI was mostly inspired by the Ruby on Rails framework, taking most of its features from it .
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Actionatr is a hybrid web/desktop/mobile app for getting things done.
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AppStat is an improved version of Swaroop's Big Brother (http://www.swaroopch.com/blog/big-brother/).

Some of the implemented/planned features/improvements are.

ptimises the loss of time due to secondary processing (UI,I/O), giving more accurate results. dentifies the parent process of the current window in focus, thus correcting confusing output (for example, Big Brother would classify the Save As dialog of two different programs under one heading, thus not only providing useless ...