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Open Flash Chart
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Open source flash charts and graphs.

Line, area, bar and pie charts.

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FLVTool2 is a manipulation tool for Macromedia Flash Video files (FLV)

FLVTool2 can calculate a lot of meta data and insert a onMetaData tag. It can cut FLV files and add cue Points (onCuePoint). A debug command lets you see inside our FLV and the print command gives you meta data information in XML or YAML format.

Flash Selenium
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The flash-selenium project aims to extend the Selenium RC clients for adding Flash communication capabilities.
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Tags: swfmill mtasc ruby flash rake
A simple command to create an empty project for MTASC + SWFMILL + Rake
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RubyAMF is an open source flash remoting gateway for rails. It plugs directly into your controllers with render :amf.
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Tags: flash videos movies ruby
Movie Get aims to be a simple console script allowing a user to download embeded movies from various video hosting services. It uses common nix programs to download the file and convert it from flv to avi format. The main work of mget is to get the direct video link, which it achieves with the help of the great ruby programming language.
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Tags: flash smil grin multimedia storyteller java ruby
A set of tools that help you tell stories using your digital assets (images, pictures) - marked up with text. As well, tools to help you manage your vast collection of multimedia.
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This project has moved to Github!

Please check us out over there...

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Who?Do you spend money? Do you make money? You should have a budget. ActiveBudget is an easy way to track cash flow.

Do you work hourly? Do you freelance or work on many jobs at once? ActiveBudget is an easy way to track work across many projects.

What?ActiveBudget is not really comparable to Quicken. It does not track assets or liabilities. If you want to get a handle on your expenses, ActiveBudget is for you.

Where?You can download the source for ActiveBudget here, ...

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Tags: rubycocoa apollo as3 flex flash cocoa rails ruby
A tutorial, with source code, that shows how to implement an API in your Rails app that can be consumed by desktop software.

Desktop examples include RubyCocoa using ActiveResource, and Adobe's Flex + Apollo.

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AsProject has been renamed to Sprouts and moved, please come check out the latest builds!

The IntroHere is the video demo

If you already know all about it, or just want to get your hands dirty, go ahead!

Otherwise, check out our project description to learn more...

NOTE The project downloads are actually hosted on RubyForge because by putting them there, we wind up in the automatic gem index.

What People Are Saying'I’m absolutely blown away by this new project ...

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Tags: amf3 amf0 amf flex flash rubyamf ruby
extract a lite lib from rubyamf (http://rubyamf.googlecode.com)

so that, we just want a lib which can serialize and deserialize object only.

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Tags: ajax ria flex flash ruby actionscript
asRubyA Ruby Virtual Machine implementation in Action Script.

Using YARV architecture

Inspired by HotRuby, implementing a Ruby Virtual Machine in Action Script

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RubyFXRubyFX a GUI framework based on asRuby

Inspired by JavaFX syntax and Ruby DSL, user can implement RIA applications fast and easy.

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Tags: linux random ruby drive flash mp3
Fill Flash Drive is a script I wrote to fill a USB flash drive with random songs from a music collection. It could be used for any device that is mountable (like mp3 players that support drag and drop/USB mass storage).

The user can either have the script fill the drive until it is full, or copy a specific number of songs. It also can run mp3gain on the files after copy to normalize the volume. If desired, it can clear out the flash drive before filling.

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Tags: avc aac h.264 mp4 streaming flash ruby server rtmp
RubyIZUMIRubyIZUMI is an open source RTMP Server for Flash Video/Audio Streaming. It is written in (Pure) Ruby and it supports to broadcast MP4(H.264 + AAC). You can watch it on the latest Flash player on your browser.

Flash Player VersionRubyIZUMI can play with the latest Flash Player version 9,0,115,0 and 9,0,124,0 I confirmed. To check your Flash Player version, use this: http://www.macromedia.com/software/flash/about/

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Tags: socket server flash ruby
A Ruby server and flash module that talky talky
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Tags: testing ruby watir flash flashwatir flash-watir
FlashWatir is an extension to the Watir to include the capability of testing flash applications. So if you have a flash application embedded in your web page you must be able to use FlashWatir to test its functionality along with the normal application.

Important Note - You can use FlashWatir only on firefox as of now. The work on IE is going on. If you want to contribute or want to have more info, please let me know.

Any firewatir scripts you have, you should be able to run in Fl...

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Tags: ruby htmlhelp chm dreamweaver flex flash
IntroductionAdobe's HelpPanel is too slow to read any document. And it is bad that a document viewer requires all IDE features loaded.

We want to use a small and native help system of operating system itself.

This project is apploach to convert Adobe's HelpPanel contents to single "chm" format file.

Main targetsFlash FlexSDK (version 2 or greater) (Dreamweaver) Target Localesorry ja(Japanese) only.

RequirementWindows Microsoft HtmlHelpWorkshop Ruby ContactYou should b...

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Tags: ruby yamdi ffmpeg flash
Simple daemon to manage uploaded & encoded flash videos.