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Plugin based multi-IM communicator. ncurses or gtk2 (in progress) based GUI.
Support for different protocols: irc, jabber (including gmail), gg (gadu-gadu largest polish IM), tlen, nntp (read only).
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XMPP4R is a XMPP/Jabber library for Ruby. Its goal is to provide a complete framework to develop Jabber-related applications or scripts in Ruby.
jabber4r Jabber client library for Ruby
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Tags: library jabber ruby chat communications xmpp
The purpose of this library is to allow Ruby applications to talk to a Jabber IM system. Jabber is an open-source instant messaging service, which can be learned about at http://www.jabber.org .
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Tags: simple ruby bot jabber xmpp chat instant-messaging
Easily create simple regex powered Jabber bots.
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Tosca is an Open Source Issue Tracker. It is designed to be user friendly, professional and multi-projects. It is made with Ruby on Rails.
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Tags: jabber currency ruby
Currayon is a currency converter supporting jabber/twitter.
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Tags: jabber network yahoo aim aol msn im ruby
Net::IM is a IM-independent API for accessing MSN/Jabber/ICQ/AIM/Yahoo IM networks from Ruby.
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Tags: ruby twitter jabber
Process direct twitters, and re-publish.

See GettingStarted. Originally written for the Missing E, the unofficial Flickr status bot.

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Tags: jabber ruby server xmpp
XMPP Server implemented in Ruby
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Tags: server ruby jabber xmpp
The goal is to create an XMPP server in Ruby. The server will be based on xmpp4r.
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Tags: xmpp bot ruby jabber
Annei is an XMPP/Jabber bot, written in Ruby, providing you on-line with useful information about your PC and giving you (to a certain degree) remote access to your machine.
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Tags: messaging xmpp4r plugin chat jabber xmpp rails ruby
UPDATE: http://yeti-factory.org/2008/2/28/sleeping-mongrel-handlers May be of interest to people who want to further research the effect of a bulk of sleeping mongrel handlers on their server. In testing, the Rails app showed to still be responsive while the threads were sleeping (granted, the trivial code). More anecdotal production use notes are still required, tho. Also: in the testing, the server showed itself to eventually reach an error condition with "too many open files" caused by t...
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Tags: microformat ruby bot xmpp jabber
Hungrybot eats RSS feeds and vomits any new content to your IM client.
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Tags: plugin ruby jabber bot
iboticka is very stable jabber bot written in Ruby with support for plugins.
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Tags: muc groupchat jabber irc ruby
irc2xmppd merges the ruby-ircd project with the xmpp4r jabber library.

Users connect with standard irc clients. The server then opens connections as SASL anonymous to jabber server.

Channel joins result in groupchat room joins. Nick changing, user listing and private messaging inside groupchat rooms are supported.

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Tags: jabber bot ruby im
Jabber::Bot has moved to GitHub: http://github.com/brettstimmerman/jabber-bot
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Tags: mobile ruby chat xmpp jabber
"Monogiki (物聞(ものぎき) - 情報提供者。表面に表れている事を見聞きして味方に報告する者)" is a simple Jabber/XMPP chat client for web browser, especially on mobile phone that has a capability to browse chtml.

Originally, it was developed for sending messages to twitter through Google talk. It could be used to chat with any other resources, such as ja2en@bot.talk.google.com and en2ja@bot.talk.google.com.

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Tags: drb chat jabber rails ruby xmpp
I need a chat application for my websites in Rails, so here is my contribution based over xmpp4r. Alpha stage.
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Tags: plugin xmpp daemon server jabber ruby
DescriptionRJabberD is a Ruby Jabber server. Emphasis is placed on the Jabber portion, that is, the server is not designed purely for XMPP: all functionaly will be provided via plugins.

DevelopmentDevelopment will occur on Ruby 1.8.5.

NewsFor news please see the team blog. The wiki may also contain interesting information for end-users/end-developers.

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Tags: notifier xmpp jabber ruby
Jabber notifier useful for collaboration solutions. Idea of this script was born in place I work ;) It will let you have jabber bot, which replicates message from one subscriber to the others, who subscribes one of separated, fully configurable, public or private "subjects". There will be available several administration functionalities, like admin console and several administration commands available by jabber messages.