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JRuby is an 100% pure-Java implementation of the Ruby programming language.

JRuby is the effort to recreate the Ruby interpreter in Java. JRuby is tightly integrated with Java to allow both to script any Java class and to embed the interpreter into any Java application.

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XRuby is a Ruby compiler for the JVM, converting .rb files into .class files.

Unlike JRuby, which focuses on just-in-time compilation of Ruby code, XRuby works exclusively by ahead-of-time compiling.

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Toolchain machinery for compilers, code generators, assemblers, linkers and emulators. All written in pure honest-to-goodness Ruby.
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Tags: jvm groovy ruby guibuilder yaml java
Maximum productivity with minimum code via declarative UIs for Java.Swing JavaBuilder (nearing version 1.0) : PDF Book : Stable Release 0.3 GTK+ JavaBuilder (just started) SWT JavaBuilder (just started) ClassBuilder : an experimental bytecode transformation library to enable easy data binding for JavaBeans NewsSwing JB 1.0.DEV.2009.06.10 - fix for regression #48. Swing JB 1.0.DEV.2009.06.09 - fix for regression #47. Swing JB.1.0.DEV.2009.06.05 - first drop of GlazedLists integration for binding...
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Tags: abcl lisp scala jython ruby jruby java jvm
The Java Virtual Machine ( Sun's JVM is called HotSpot ) is a java bytecode interpreter which is fast, portable and secure. Jython, JRuby, Scala, ABCL (Common Lisp) are popular language implementations that run on the JVM that allow for the jvmcookbook sugar of their particular languages.

This project contains multiple sub-projects and code demos related to those jvm language implementations.

JVM Resourceshttp://jruby.codehaus.org/ - JRuby Home http://groovy.codehaus.org/ - Groovy...

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Rita is a JVM-based language with a simple, concise and powerful syntax. The goal of the Rita project is to create a viable alternative to Java that incorporates some of the best features of other languages such as Ruby.