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Open Komodo
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The OpenKomodo Open Source Development Environment for Dynamic Languages and Web Technologies

The Open Komodo project provides a code base upon which integrated development environment (IDE) software packages can be developed. ActiveState's Komodo Edit 4.3 and later (an open source, multi-platform, multi-language editor) is an established, mature product that uses the Open Komodo platform.

With the Open Komodo Project, the focus is on dynamic languages and the open web. Open Komodo i...

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libdmtx is a software library that enables programs to read and write Data Matrix 2D barcodes. It runs natively on several platforms, and can be accessed by multiple languages. The package also provides fully featured command line utilities.
Komodo Edit 4.3 and later
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Focus on what your code can do; let your editor sweat the details.

Komodo Edit offers sophisticated support for all major scripting languages, including in-depth autocomplete and calltips, multi-language file support, syntax coloring and syntax checking, Vi emulation, and Emacs key bindings.

Komodo Edit is built on the Mozilla code base and versions 4.3 and later are licensed under the same terms as Firefox: Mozilla Public License (MPL), GNU General Public License (GPL), and GNU Le...

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Tags: macosx irc client ruby
LimeChat is an IRC client for Mac OS X written on RubyCocoa.
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Tags: cocoa objective-c ruby bridge macosx
RubyCocoa is a Mac OS X framework that allows Cocoa programming in the object-oriented scripting language Ruby.
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“Up!” is a small Cocoa application that can resize and sharpen photos and upload them to a blog software via the MetaWebLog API.
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Tags: bridge ruby applescript macosx
RubyOSA is a bridge that connects Ruby to the Apple Event Manager infrastructure, automatically populating the API according to the target application's scriptable definition.
Steam Condenser
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The Steam Condenser is a multi-language library for querying the Steam Community, Source and GoldSrc game servers as well as the Steam master servers. Currently it is implemented in Java, PHP and Ruby.
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Tags: osx macosx ruby documentation 1password help
This project includes source code for integrated 1Password help.

It can be useful to a developer who need a simple tool to create built-in help systems for Mac OS X applications. The project includes a script to generate standard Mac OS X application help files.

The idea is to minimize the amount of maintenance work required to compile the documentation: - the structure of the help is defined via directory structure - the source documents are written with Markdown

The gene...

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Tags: rubycocoa ruby leopard macosx ical iphone
A Ruby script that will read your iPhone's call log and will copy the calls into an iCal calendar of your choosing, with a description and the caller's name, if available.

Uses Mac OS X 10.5's Calendar Store API and Scripting Bridge, originally coded as a demonstration/toy to try these new tools out.

The tool itself was formerly known as iphonelogd.rb. It is now known as calllog2ical.rb.

Follow announcements of updated to calllog2ical on our google group

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Tags: macosx mac rubycocoa ruby cocoa png
PNGSmush is a GUI for pngcrush for Mac OS X. It is made using RubyCocoa.
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Tags: ruby cocoa macosx osx mac
This project hosts various open source projects created by Jason Foreman.

Current ProjectsRun Ruby Script Automator action

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Tags: macosx ruby object-oriented operatingsystem
Top.OS is a virtual layer on top of a existing OS.

The filesystem, process management and the user interface is object-oriented.


"Top.OS is a layer on top of a existing os to let the user work in a object oriented way."

The initial programm is written in Ruby on Rails and deployed on Mac OS X.

Yet Another Object-Oriented Operating System?