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A proposTifauve::Labs est un incubateur à projets: si un projet devient important il aura son propre espace projet sur Google Code.

Vous trouverez plus d'information sur Tifauve|Net

Les projets actuellement dans l'incubateurCoCa-7: Aide au placement optimal dans Colons de Catane (en Python) -- projet arrêté et remplacé par Catanyste Saise: outil de Sauvegarde Incrémentale Sécurisée (évolution de Obiran). Les projets qui sont sortis de l'incubateurprojets avec leurs propres sites <...

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moulin rouge aims to provide a distribution (and the tools to build it) of the french/portuguese/spanish/chinese Wikipedia targeting:

- a Live CD

- a standalone cocoa client for Mac OS X

- a standalone xulrunner-based client for Linux and Windows.

Download lastest version

SOURCE CODE MOVED !! Please, go to Kiwix Project on SourceForge to reach the code.

PL Test Suite (active)
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Documentation in Test Form
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Tags: gtk-sharp c mono editor ruby-gnome2 gtk ruby
A editor written in pure ruby, using the Gtk+ framework. The task is to create a useful text editor, geared towards student programmers. The aim is to remove the difficulty of swimming through menus and functions that will never be used, but as you gain in experience as a programmer,the ability to expand the program is open to you. This allows the editor to grow with you as your knowledge increases.

As a separate branch, we will also also have a version written in C# using Gtk#.