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An interface to the ImageMagick and GraphicsMagick image processing libraries. Supports over 100 image formats, including GIF, JPEG, PNG. See rmagick.rubyforge.org for prereqs, install FAQ, more.
Syllable operating system family
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The goal of the Syllable project is to create a family of easy-to-use free software operating systems. It is the continuation of the BeOS-like AtheOS.

Syllable Desktop has its own C kernel with symmetric multiprocessing, multithreaded pre-emptive multitasking, high POSIX compliancy, 64-bit journaled filesystem (AFS) with metadata, an integrated native GUI architecture with an object-oriented C++ API, SDL, singular native toolkit and multi-user desktop environment. The system seeks to be an...

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Tags: ruby multimedia audio sound
An implementation of the Audioscrobbler plugin protocol, used to submit music playlist history to Last.fm.
Alexandria (Book Collection Application)
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Alexandria is a GNOME application to help you manage your book collection.
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Tags: sound audio multimedia ruby
a pure ruby library for access to mp3 files (internal infos and tags)
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Library for generating small graphs to be used inline, in tables, or magnified. Can be used alone or with Rails. Source available via Git at http://github.com/topfunky/sparklines/tree/master
RIces --- Ruby Icecast Stream Source
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Tags: sound audio multimedia ruby
RIces --- stream audio source program like ices, but was written on Ruby language. It supports any number of streams, Id3 tags in MP3 files. Stream descriptions and playlists stored in MySQL database.
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Tags: graphics multimedia ruby
RImage is an image library with focus on loading and saving images in various formats. The library is written in pure ruby with optional C implementations of speed critical parts.
simple generic library
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Tags: graphics education 3d-rendering multimedia ruby
This is a simple generic library for interactive art and design.This library wraps Ruby/SDL and OpenGL. The main purpose for this library is teaching interactive design for art school students.
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Tags: multimedia ruby c++
rlirc is a simple program to replace irexec provided by lirc.
The configuration of rlirc is ruby source. This means there aren't limitations in configuration.
EXIF Reader
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EXIF Reader is a module to read EXIF info from JPEG and TIFF images.
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Tags: communications file-sharing sound audio multimedia ruby
rpodder is a ruby script for downloading podcasts.
Extract Curves
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Tags: viewer graphics multimedia ruby
Convert the raster image effect of the characteristic of motion of an (interesting) process into a list of rectangular coordinates (in raster image's system) representing the inferred characteristic of motion of the midline of an image blob.
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Tags: sound audio front-ends database cd-audio multimedia ruby c++
freedb library for Ruby
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Tags: multimedia ruby
Can read the VM commands from DVD IFO files and button commands from vob files. Various example programs, designed as a resuable library. Integrates with dvdauthor's xml format.
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Tags: sound audio multimedia ruby
ruby-ogginfo gives you access to low level information on ogg files
Ming/Ruby for Macromedia Flash
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Tags: video graphics presentation multimedia c++ ruby
Ming/Ruby is a library for generating Adobe Flash (SWF) based on Ming.
Actually, Ming is a C library for generating SWF, and Ming/Ruby is a wrapper of Ming for Ruby.


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Tags: graphics 3d-rendering 3d-modeling multimedia c++ ruby opengl
This project has been discontinued, please check out http://rubyforge.org/projects/ruby-opengl/ instead.
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Tags: sound audio mp3 players multimedia ruby
A mp3 management system daemon, aiming at flexibility. Features plugins and simple network commands.
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Tags: graphics 3d-rendering 3d-modeling multimedia ruby
RubyMan provides a pure Ruby implementation of a RenderMan Interface Binding, thereby allowing users to more easily render images with a RenderMan-compliant renderer, such as Pixar's Photo-realistic RenderMan or Aqsis.