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A not-for-profit effort to create a new multi-user online role-playing game, one with a high degree of immersiveness and believability, depth of character, and, above all, an emphasis on story.
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Span is an advanced Connect Four-like game for the console, written in Ruby.

Features include:

1. Console. Pure ncurses. No need for fancy X servers, you can play it over your favorite SSH connection.
2. Unlimited players and board sizes, though it may get unwieldy (or even strategic) after you add more than a few.
3. AI play for those lonely, cold winter nights.
4. Programmable AI contestants.
5. Network play, because the AI is...

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Create a network client in your favorite programming language to beat other clients. The players are computer programs controlled by the program you wrote.

The game is fully functional. We are working now on server options, and of course we are builing our own AI clients!

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Tags: ruby telnet server mmorpg engine network framework multiplayer
The MUES is a multi-threaded, event-driven internet game environment server written in Ruby. It is intended to facilitate the building of online multiplayer games or simulations by providing one or more dynamically-programmed object environments (worlds), the means to access these environments using a network client, various useful services or daemons for creating in-game systems, and an event system for facilitating the interaction of all the parts.
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Tags: game linux opengl windows ruby c arcade multiplayer
NOTE: This has moved to the glutinous project.

Fly around the world on two balloons, popping enemies' balloons before they pop yours! Based on 'Balloon Fight' by Nintendo.