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KOffice is a free, integrated office suite for KDE, the K Desktop Environment. KOffice applications uses OpenDocument as their native file format when possible. The suite is released separately from KDE.

The KOffice suite includes the following applications:
- KWord - A frame-based word processor
- KSpread - A powerful spreadsheet application
- KPresenter - A full-featured presentation program
- Kexi - An environment for creating data...

Google Calendar
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A simple Google Calendar Data API Library.
Ruby PDF Tools
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Tags: printing office business development ruby
Pure Ruby tools for working with PDF documents. For bug reports, svn access, and wiki, see: http://stonecode.svnrepository.com/ruby_pdf. If you're looking for color-tools, make sure you look at the Color project: http://rubyforge.org/projects/color/
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Tags: office business database development ruby
FasterCSV is intended as a complete replacement to the CSV standard library. It is significantly faster and smaller while still being pure Ruby code. It also strives for a better interface.
Ruby EAI Engine
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Tags: office business ruby
RbEAI: It is a tool to provide some basic EAI capabilities like data transfer, data transformation and data routing. It is done in a descriptive way using XML to describe the workflow logic.
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Tags: document ole ruby storage office
ruby-ole is a library for read/write access to OLE2 structured storage files, such as those produced by Microsoft Office, eg *.doc, *.msg etc.

It provides a simple and easy to use api, supporting read and write streaming, by providing transparent access to the "files" within OLE documents as IO-like objects, supporting all the expected operations.

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Tags: conversion docx office microsoft ruby
This is now being maintained via git:


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Tags: scheduling office business development ruby
Runt provides a simple API for scheduling recurring events through an implementation of several temporal patterns created by Martin Fowler.
Stage Management Suite
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A theatre management suite designed for use by the various stage managers, the Director of the theatre and the program designer. Creates reports and printouts such as sign-in sheets, cast and crew lists, rehersal and tech schedules and cue recording.
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Tags: office business spreadsheet finance ruby
This package allows you to generate Excel compatible spreadsheets on any platform. No OLE required.
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AppTrain gets you moving quickly on Rails. No coding is needed to create simple web based forms.
Story Cards
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Story Cards is a web-based project management system that supports XP-like project planning. Projects are broken down into iterations. Iterations contain user stories that describe the requirements of the project.
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Tags: office business finance ruby
An easy to use payment gateway for Ruby. Payment is used to process credit cards and electronic cash through merchant accounts like Authorize.Net.
LongDecimal for numbers with fixed point
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The goal is to provide a numeric type for handling fixed point arithmetic. This is equivalent to BigDecimal in Java, but different from BigDecimal in Ruby. Such a numeric type is useful when there is a necessity to control the way rounding is performed.
Chump Change
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Tags: http www office business finance ruby
Chump Change is a novel approach to personal finances, using a web-based infrastructure and a strongly budget-oriented model. Supports multiple users.
Classifed Ads
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Classified Ads is an easy way to add free advertising to your web site. Users post and search for ads in different Categories and Areas.
Runs on The Rails Framework.
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mrplot is a general purpose plotting library written completely in ruby. It has an interface to output plots using RMagick and can be easily extended to support other output modules.
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An online office management, payroll, employee scheduling, and shift trading application written in ruby on rails.

If you would like more information please email me at bradNO.SPAMPLEASEedmondson@gmail.com.

Thank you, Brad Edmondson

Payrails co-developer

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Tags: desktop-environment office business ruby
Pimki is a wiki-based PIM to GetThingsDone!. Loosely based on Instiki's Wiki technology (http://www.instiki.org) and with strong GTD influences, Pimki is aimed at being a light-weight, flexible organiser for all the various bits and pieces of your life.
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Tags: scheduling office business ruby
A library that allows for the creation, modfication and analysis of precedence networks.