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Tags: build-tools programming development ruby packaging
RubyGems is a package manager for the Ruby. It provides a standard format for distributing Ruby programs and libraries (in a self-contained format called "gems"), a tool designed to easily manage the installation of gems, and a server for distributing them.
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Portupgrade (aka pkgtools) is a tool set for working with FreeBSD ports and packages. It enhances abilities of the system tools and adds many new ones.
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Tags: packaging tools ruby build-tools development
A simplistic script which automates a limited set of rubyforge operations.
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Tanzanite is an interface for RubyGems and DebPack. It makes it extremely easy to maintain multiple versions of a program, and most importantly, have a RubyGem use a Debian package as a dependancy. This way a gem and a Debian package can both require the Ruby-GTK bindings, and the user only has to have one installation of these bindings. DebPack does the grunt work, Tanzanite makes it easy.
Syllable build system
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Builder is the build system for the Syllable Desktop and Syllable Server operating systems, their native applications and third-party software ported to them.

Consonant is the new incarnation of Builder, written in ORCA, a partial clone of the REBOL language.

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Tags: minify packaging asset css javascript ruby rails
luggage |ˈləgij|noun suitcases or other bags in which to pack personal belongings for traveling.

Rails asset management and packaging