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Ruby is the interpreted scripting language for quick and easy object-oriented programming. It has many features to process text files and to do system management tasks (as in Perl). It is simple, straight-forward, extensible, and portable.
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JRuby is an 100% pure-Java implementation of the Ruby programming language.

JRuby is the effort to recreate the Ruby interpreter in Java. JRuby is tightly integrated with Java to allow both to script any Java class and to embed the interpreter into any Java application.

Open Komodo
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The OpenKomodo Open Source Development Environment for Dynamic Languages and Web Technologies

The Open Komodo project provides a code base upon which integrated development environment (IDE) software packages can be developed. ActiveState's Komodo Edit 4.3 and later (an open source, multi-platform, multi-language editor) is an established, mature product that uses the Open Komodo platform.

With the Open Komodo Project, the focus is on dynamic languages and the open web. Open Komodo i...

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Rubinius is an execution environment for the Ruby programming language. It is comprised of three major pieces: a compiler, a 'kernel' (otherwise known as the Ruby Core Library), and a virtual machine. The project's goal is to create a top-of-the-line Ruby implementation.
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Plugin based multi-IM communicator. ncurses or gtk2 (in progress) based GUI.
Support for different protocols: irc, jabber (including gmail), gg (gadu-gadu largest polish IM), tlen, nntp (read only).
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MacRuby is a version of Ruby 1.9, ported to run directly on top of Mac OS X core technologies such as the Objective-C common runtime and garbage collector, and the CoreFoundation framework.

While still a work in progress, it is the goal of MacRuby to enable the creation of full-fledged Mac OS X applications which do not sacrifice performance in order to enjoy the benefits of using Ruby.

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Scooter is composed of several parts. Mostly, it is an API for XML manipulation designed for the Ruby programming language. A library implementing this API is well underway.
Furthermore, there is a specified API for interacting with a web browser (bookmarks and such). That is unlikely to be implemented in the near future due to technical limitations.
Additionally, there is an effort to use the Scooter API to develop applications with GUI toolkits such as gtk, wxruby, ...
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Orion is an multi-language multi-protocol Library mostly covering Chat Protocols. At the moment IRC (ruby) is fully supported. MSN (ruby) is partly.
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Amber VM
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Amber VM is a virtual machine written in Ruby that allows to include scripting capabilities to ruby programs. Scripts run completely separated from the ruby code and only publish access to selected methods.
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Tags: java c# perl php ruby python scripting lua c swig
Swig Starter Kit provides examples for using various scripting languages, with the support of SWIG, with C++.

FeaturesStandard library (STL) container usage examples Data sharing between scripting engine and C++ code examples C++ template function instantiation examples Calling C++ functions examples Creating C++ objects examples LanguagesLua Python Perl PHP5 (Module builds but I cannot get it to work) Ruby C# Java LicenseCurrently the MIT license is used. The point is to make the code f...

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Tags: designbycontract dbc scripting script ruby eiffel xamber amber
Amber is a scripting language inspired by (amongst others) Eiffel and Ruby. It has a concise syntax that's easy to read and maintain.

Amber supports Contract Driven Design (CoDD) for software development, and Contract Hardening (CoHa) for robustness.

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Tags: productivity scripting shell ninjas gtd rails ruby commandline
A set of utilities that allow you to become a command-line Ninja.

Mostly written in Ruby.

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scripting environment
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Tags: ruby scripting testautomation watir
watir is an excellent Ruby library for talking to an MS Internet Explorer instance which can be used to write automated test scripts.

In the process of building those scripts, I decided to follow some practices and developed some extensions to it. Most notable are logging (what is the script doing?) and discovery (what can I do on the current page?).

icewatir is a collection of additional scripts that can help in build your test suite.

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A variety of small Open Source projects for ColdFusion MX from Sean Corfield (An Architect's View).

Currently this project contains:

CFEclipseFacade - a cfcUnit-compatible version of the CFC required by the CFUnit plugin Closures for CFMX - inspired by closures in a variety of languages Concurrency for CFMX - inspired by Java 5's concurrency package Edmund - Event-based programming for ColdFusion IRCBot Event Gateway - this is a CFMX Event Gateway that acts as a channel bot on IRC ...

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Q is a scripting engine that implements C-like language, compiler, and bytecode interpreter. Main design goal were to create minimal and fast engine that can be easily embedded into the C/C++ programs. Q is implemented in standard C.
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Tags: umboh seggy useful maintenance scripts scripting ruby
Random scripts that I've created along the way.