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Retrospectiva is an open source, web-based, project management and bug-tracking tool. It is intended to assist the collaborative aspect of work carried out by software development teams through the use of blogs, a wiki and tickets.

Users open tickets to track bugs, and request enhancements. Administrators set targets for the team through milestones. A milestone is considered completed when all tickets assigned to it are closed. The wiki is used for the documentation of the project, whilst ...

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Tags: ruby blog subversion datamapper merb
Wistle (the name is meaningless) is a blog app written in Ruby. It was written to illustrate a tutorial on using Subversion's Ruby SWIG bindings. It's primary goal are:

Storage of articles in a Subversion repository Multiple sites hosted by a single app, with differing views per site Wistle uses the Merb framework and DataMapper ORM. The tutorials will be up soon at half-penny.org.

I don't necessarily intend this to be a "project" as an illustration of techniques. However, I will b...

Ruby on Rails SVN Prep Tool
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A tool to automate the various tasks associated with managing a new Ruby on Rails application with Subversion.
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Tags: subversion maven2 java rails ruby
written in ruby, it handles ONLY java projects that use maven2 as their build system and are stored in a subversion repository
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Tags: subversion cvs ruby
Translate Subversion authz file into cvs chacl command script.
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Tags: codereview .net windows reviewboard subversion ruby c#
Review Board Poster Child is a simple Windows based application that can simplify generating and posting code reviews to a Review Board server. It allows the user to keep track of a variety of source control and Review Board servers and automates the creation and submission of merged diff files that can then be reviewed.

It has been developed in C# and uses Ruby scripts to interface with any available Review Board server.

Currently it only supports Subversion repositories and requ...

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Tags: subversion mysql sqlite ruby
a light httpd server will running .rb web files.
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Tags: statistics svn subversion ruby
Application for generating subversion graphical statistics, like a graph of LOC changes in time, etc.