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Shoes is a very informal GUI toolkit. It's for making regular old windowing apps. It's a blend of my favorite things from the Web, some Ruby style, and a sprinkling of cross-platform widgets.
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Monkeybars is a library enabling you to write GUI applications using JRuby and Swing. You can build your GUI in any editor so that you can have an application that is designed using modern tools but has all the logic contained within Ruby.
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wxRuby is a GUI toolkit for Ruby. It uses native GUI widgets on Windows, OS X and Linux/GTK, giving users the look, feel and behaviour they expect of desktop applications. At the same time, developers only need to write code once to work on all those platforms.

It's easy to install and bundle, and is offered under a liberal licence that's compatible with free and commercial development. It's based on the latest stable version (2.8) of the mature and fully-featured wxWidgets C++ library.

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Profligacy is a JRuby library that makes building Swing Graphical User Interface much easier than with Raw code. It’s not a builder as with many other projects, but instead a simple Ruby way to structure the UI for the 80% common cases you’ll encounter.
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