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RSpec is a BDD tool and a framework which provides programmers with a Domain Specific Language to describe the behaviour of Ruby code with readable, executable examples that guide you in the design process and serve well as both documentation and tests.
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RubySpec is a project to write a complete, executable specification for the Ruby programming language.

There are two main components to this project: the RubySpec sources, and the MSpec framework.

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JtestR is a tool that will make it easier to test Java code with state of the art Ruby tools. The main project is a collection of Ruby libraries bundled together with JRuby integration so that running tests is totally painless to set up. The project also includes a background server so that the startup cost of JRuby can be avoided. Examples of Ruby libraries included are RSpec, dust, Test/Unit, mocha and ActiveSupport.

The vision of the project is to be the testing tool of choice for Java ...

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Trapeze generates a suite of unit tests or specifications for existing Ruby source code. This is accomplished through dynamic analysis, by reflecting on the public interfaces of classes, modules and top-level methods defined in the source. Trapeze then exercises each object, module and method, recording the behavior of the code. This recorded behavior is captured in a suite of test cases or specifications that can be rendered as test code or executable specifications.

In essence, Trapeze i...