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The complete Shopping Cart / e-commerce Solution for Joomla!. It can also be used as a Catalogue. Its powerful Administration Tool can handle an unlimited number of Categories, Products, Orders, Customers, Payment Methods, Shipping Methods, Files. VirtueMart can be customized using Themes and extended using your own modules and pages.
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Tags: commerce shop cart shopping-cart e-commerce
osCommerce is an Open Source based online shop e-commerce solution that powers hundreds of thousands of shops worldwide. The community of over 200,000 store owners and developers have provided over 5,000 add-ons that can be installed to fulfill most, if not all, requirements.
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Tags: drupal shopping-cart php mysql e-commerce
√úbercart is an e-commerce system developed for the Drupal CMS. It has been designed with the end user in mind, and therefore focuses on usability in three key areas: store configuration, product and catalog creation, and order administration. On the front end, all major systems are configurable and integrate with the standard Drupal systems (node, taxonomy, user, etc.). On the back end, our settings pages and order administration pages have been designed with ease of use in mind, and we are cons...
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Magento is a new professional open-source eCommerce solution offering unprecedented flexibility and control. With Magento, never feel trapped in your eCommerce solution again.

Magento's Core Offerings:

* Unlimited flexibility and no constraints
* Completely Scalable Architecture
* Professional and Community Support
* Smooth Integration with 3rd party apps
* Cutting Edge Features

Zen Cart
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Tags: cart php e-commerce shopping-cart
Zen Cart truly is the art of e-commerce: a free, user-friendly, open source shopping cart system. The software is being developed by group of like-minded shop owners, programmers, designers, and consultants that think e-commerce could be and should be done differently. Designed with shoppers in mind. Developers and designers love it. A long list of features. Strong, growing, helpful online community.
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Interchange is an open source commerce server and application server/component application, written in the Perl programming language. Used primarily for e-commerce (shopping cart), but also for various other purposes (database display, catalogs,...)
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PrestaShop is a professional e-commerce shopping cart focused on a light and fast implementation, but with all the features to manage a high volume online store.
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An ASP.NET Open Source e-commerce application. dashCommerce is a very flexible and robust product that incorporates all three major components of an e-commerce application:

* Product Catalog
* Shopping Cart
* Order Fulfillment

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xt:Commerce is developed as a powerful ecommerce webcart shop system for small, medium and full-sized merchants as well as wholesalers. Its full functionality enables you to strengthen your position in the fast growing ecommerce shopping cart market.

xt:Commerce is released as a free opensource shopping cart software (GNU/GPL) with a broad spectrum of ecommerce functions, as dynamic and powerfull as expensive ecommerce shopping cart systems.

xt:Commerce helps you to manage your woldw...

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Tags: cart shop shopping-cart e-commerce commerce cakephp
Made with the MVC Web framework CakePHP. Uses the jQuery JavaScript library, both for effects and AJAX. Using the Extensions facility, the end-developer can simply add new functionality to BakeSale. The application follows Web standards, using semantic XHTML markup with CSS-based layout.
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face Cart is complete AJAX java 5 EE e-commerce platform. It provides the user with unmatched agility, speed and user experience of UI. This shopping cart system was created in the patterns of oscommerce in order to feed the java comunity with open source alternative to the well known php based carts. Face Cart is extremely scalable e-commerce solution it is deployed on application server. It is a full scale enterprise e-commerce shopping cart. Ajax frontend, Java server faces web server, EJB...
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openSteam is a generic eCommerce Framework for RubyOnRails. Its goal is to simplify the implementation and ui-design process of a webshop.
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Tags: php shop shopping-cart e-commerce webshop cart commerce
osCMax is a powerful and flexible e-commerce shopping cart and inventory tracking system. osCMax is free, 100% customizable, and supports all the major payment gateways: Authorize.net, LinkPoint, Paypal, 2Checkout to name a few. All major shippers are supported: FedX, UPS, USPS, and custom.

Also fully supported are virtual products, such as downloads, gift vouchers/coupons. osCMax has all the features you would expect in a commercial shopping cart that would normally cost hundreds or thous...

La Nai CMS
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LANAI (La-Nai) is a CMS-like system that has basic modules, blocks, and templates. It is ready to create a Web site, but it has a new way of development called "Generated Framework", which means that a developer can generate module and source code from a command line script called "La-Mud". In just a few minutes, you can create your own module or database driven module.
Eclipse CloudFree
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The CloudFree Commerce Platform is an open, dynamic and extensible servert platform. We turn Equinox into a server for your application.
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A modular expandable store built from the ground up to provide modularity.
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* The first and only Ruby on Rails open source e-commerce project.
* A replacement for old, brittle and crusty shopping cart? packages
* Cleanly designed, easy to extend and maintain
* Implemented as a Rails Engine
* Adheres (where possible) to XHTML / CSS standards
* Persona and scenario driven UI design
* Extracted from ''real world'' code
* Developed, designed, and maintained by Subimage LLC
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XC SEO v1.4.0 has been released!PHP Site Solutions is proud to announce the release of XC SEO version 1.4.0.

This release has some important bug fixes, support for ISAPI & Zeus webservers, support for X-Cart 4.0 and 4.1, updated documentation, and much easier support for migrating from CDSEO!

Documentation has been updated, thread and archive of files can be accessed using links to the right.

XC SEO was created and is maintained by Jon Langevin, also known as intel352. <...

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Tags: chassis mvc zend php framework shopping-cart web
Mardouk is a new Shopping cart based on Chassis which is based on Zend Framework.
Mardouk is created with SEO, microformat, database abstraction, modularity in mind