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Pygame is a set of Python modules designed for writing games. It is written on top of the excellent SDL library. This allows you to create fully featured games and multimedia programs in the python language. Pygame is highly portable and runs on nearly every platform and operating system.
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The Lightweight Java Game Library (LWJGL) is a solution aimed directly at professional and amateur Java programmers alike to enable commercial quality games to be written in Java. LWJGL provides developers access to high performance crossplatform libraries such as OpenGL (Open Graphics Library) and OpenAL (Open Audio Library) allowing for state of the art 3D games and 3D sound. Additionally LWJGL provides access to controllers such as Gamepads, Steering wheel and Joysticks. All in a simple and s...
Irrlicht Engine
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The Irrlicht Engine is a high performance real-time 3D engine written and usable in C++, and also available for .NET languages. It is completely cross-platform, using D3D, OpenGL, and its own software renderers.
Fast Light Tool Kit
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FLTK (pronounced "fulltick") is a cross-platform C++ GUI toolkit for UNIX/Linux (X11), Microsoft Windows, and Mac OS X. It provides modern GUI functionality without the bloat, and supports 3D graphics via OpenGL and its built-in GLUT emulation. FLTK is designed to be small and modular enough to be statically linked, and also works fine as a shared library. It also includes an excellent UI builder called FLUID that can be used to create applications in minutes.
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The Xith3d project consists of powerful middleware consisting of a scenegraph and an extensible renderer. The goal is to create a lean and performative scenegraph and renderer while at the same time allowing for extensions and enchancements to all stages of the rendering pipeline.
You can think of it as a 3D engine. It allows to create games, or any application requiring a 3D visualization. It's versatile, usable with JOGL or LWJGL, embeddable in AWT, Swing, SWT (Eclipse). ...
S.C.O.U.R.G.E.: Heroes of Lesser Renown
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S.C.O.U.R.G.E. is a Rogue-like game with a modern user interface. The game allows a group of four characters to search for treasure, kill enemies, gain levels, etc.
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The Open Toolkit is a free, fast, cross-platform OpenGL, OpenAL and OpenCL wrapper for C# and other .Net languages.

The bindings in OpenTK are strongly-typed and fast and help you catch programming errors before they get the chance to manifest. Additional utilities integrate the bindings with .Net, making OpenTK especially suited to Rapid Application Development.

OpenTK can be used alone or integrated into GUI toolkits, like Windows.Forms and GTK#. It runs everywhere witnout recompil...

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Ardor3D is a Java based 3D engine, forked from jME with the goal of making a more professionally oriented engine with a community based on accepted open source principles.
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Dark Places is a Quake modification I have built over the course of 6 years on and off experimenting, it got somewhat of an overhaul when the Quake engine source code was released, and I began developing a custom OpenGL-only engine for it and other mods, which supports Windows WGL and Linux GLX, and has greatly improved graphics and image quality.

It can not easily be described, as it is simply an improved Quake, not a total conversion (yet, anyway).

The realism of shell casings fall...

MD5 Reader 2
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MD5 Reader 2 is an extension for jMonkey Engine to load 3D animated models from MD5 format (Doom 3 format).

Current active contributors are: ender_saka (Marco Frisan, the project founder), Duodecimo Fernandes and gathers (Öyvind Johannessen).

The project was based on the original code from ChaosDeathFish (Gareth Jenkins-Jones).

While the original code is still maintained, we are moving to a rewrite.

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Moonlight|3D is a free modern, flexible and extensible modelling and animation tool developed by a small but dedicated team. The goal is to provide a tool that is capable of turning even the most advanced and challenging projects of artists and technical artists into reality.

We understand that this project is by its very nature a huge undertaking. We have chosen to make clean design, good usability and solid implementation of features our highest priority goals and we have already success...

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Glorylab is a multiplayer 3D deathmatch game with swords, crossbows, maces and magic in a living labirynth.The world and rules are simple, but their various combinations might be unpredictable.
Irrlicht.Net CP
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A cross-platform .Net wrapper for the Irrlicht Engine
Irrlicht Plugins
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We've moved back to sourceforge, see project irrext.
This source repository is deprecated.
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This projects tries to port a popular 3d graphics engine irrlicht onto mobile devices.

First we'll try to port it on symbian S60 platform. Later we'll also plan to port it on WindowsCE.

NOTE on license:
Since this project is a port of irrlicht 3D-engine, the license is also the same as the irrlicht license, which you can find here http://irrlicht.sourceforge.net/license.html.

SDL Devel Pack
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SDL Devel Pack, is the package with the libraries of SDL for development. It is a simple and easy to prepare its programming environment to develop their games.

SDL Devel Pack, é o pacote com as bibliotecas do SDL para desenvolvimento. É uma forma simples e fácil de preparar seu ambiente de programação para desenvolver seus jogos.

Y60 Media Engine
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Tags: ogre c++ source open qt studio editor 3d
CellCode Editor is a 3D Editor. It will be a full studio that you can use to create your 3d environments. It is released under the Eclipse Public License 1.0. The operating system it currently only supports is Windows. It is an editor that is currently under active development. Its current status is Alpha status. And for that reason you currently can't find a download.

The editor is written in C++ and the API it uses for its GUI is QT 4.5.0. The features it supports are currently not that...

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QuakeForge is a 3D graphics game engine based on id Software's legendary Quake and QuakeWorld game engine. Our purpose? To improve the state of the game by improving the engine and making it accessable to the largest number of players we can.

Arguably the single most important issue on the minds of players today is the rampant cheating which is currently happening on many of the larger servers. It's a serious problem and it really makes a good game hard to find. We're working hard to fix t...

Habitat 3D
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Tags: platform cross source engine 3d
Habitat is my experiment at making a simple OpenGL based 3D game engine. I am interested in learning how parts of a game engine work together. My main goal is to create a flexible engine that can be used for many types of games.