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ADempiere Business Suite ERP/CRM/MFG/SCM/POS done the Bazaar way in an open and unabated fashion. Focus is on the Community that includes Subject Matter Specialists, Implementors and End-Users. We are a community fork of Compiere.
Open For Business Project (Apache OFBiz)
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The Open For Business Project is a set of tools and enterprise applications including ERP, CRM, e-commerce, SCM, MRP, and CMMS/EAM. It uses a service oriented and events driven architecture and tools to automate all aspects of application development and maintenance.

Today, Mon Apr 20 2009, the Apache OFBiz team proudly announces version 9.04.
For more informations see link below

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Blogg-X is a cross platform (OS X, Windows XP, Linux) content management tool for websites based on the Joomla! CMS. Blogg-X runs locally on your computer as a desktop application. Utilizing built in WYSIWYG and HTML source editors you can post rich content on your Joomla! site without the use of the web browser.
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I find programmers
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Unreleased highly modular publishing system.
WebSite Framework
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Tags: api sdk framework web forum wiki cms source php
The WebSite Framework (WSF) is a collection of PHP scripts for creating CMS websites, which include user accounts, news, simple forums and a CMS-like Wiki.
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PHP Director is an open source content management system ( cms ) designed for the primary content being video . Since March 2007 PHP Director has had a large ammount of support encouraging us to develop out latest version 0.2 this provides a highly customisable template system, Easy to use adminstration panel and now three video sources including YouTube, Daily Motion and Google Video.
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bBlog is a weblogging application written in PHP. It has been programmed to be fast, secure, object-oriented, well-commented, Smarty-centric, and easily extendable.
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Lymon Project A Humans friendly Web Development Toolkit

To get involve on this project you are invited to collaborate in our Google Groups mailing list at:


Revision Count: 65Lymon Test Coverage -r65

Lymon Templates EngineThe first low level component for Lymon is finished, actually this is a Fully capable and dynamic Templates Engine.

With this tool you can create a Dynamic version of any template you like, you just need to ...

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Truss CMS is an open source content management system project