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Blogg-X is a cross platform (OS X, Windows XP, Linux) content management tool for websites based on the Joomla! CMS. Blogg-X runs locally on your computer as a desktop application. Utilizing built in WYSIWYG and HTML source editors you can post rich content on your Joomla! site without the use of the web browser.
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You can update your online journal at LiveJournal.com (and other LiveJournal compatible servers) with this Open Source Mac OS X Objective-C Cocoa application.
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Unreleased highly modular publishing system.
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PHP Director is an open source content management system ( cms ) designed for the primary content being video . Since March 2007 PHP Director has had a large ammount of support encouraging us to develop out latest version 0.2 this provides a highly customisable template system, Easy to use adminstration panel and now three video sources including YouTube, Daily Motion and Google Video.
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Truss CMS is an open source content management system project
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Tulip - A comprehensive content verification frameworkTulip – A comprehensive open source content verification framework. Tulip facilitates you to verify and validate your web/application content for any compliance purposes.

The framework is written entirely in Java and it has set of well defined API’s that can be easily extended and provide seamless integration with any of the existing solutions as well. The result of the processed content is provided in the form of XML, which can be us...