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ADempiere Business Suite ERP/CRM/MFG/SCM/POS done the Bazaar way in an open and unabated fashion. Focus is on the Community that includes Subject Matter Specialists, Implementors and End-Users. We are a community fork of Compiere.
Open For Business Project (Apache OFBiz)
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The Open For Business Project is a set of tools and enterprise applications including ERP, CRM, e-commerce, SCM, MRP, and CMMS/EAM. It uses a service oriented and events driven architecture and tools to automate all aspects of application development and maintenance.

Today, Mon Apr 20 2009, the Apache OFBiz team proudly announces version 9.04.
For more informations see link below

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Symbiosys is an implementation of PatientOS where the UI layer uses with eclipse's rcp, jface and swt widget libraries to achieve native look and feel of the gui at runtime.

The system can be described as an emr, ehr, pmr, pms -- patient management system, electronic health records, electronic medical records.