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phpMyAdmin is a tool written in PHP intended to handle the administration of MySQL over the Web. Currently it can create and drop databases, create/drop/alter tables, delete/edit/add fields, execute any SQL statement, manage keys on fields.
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Zipper is a Application Framework, with reduce the programmer work with IoC, JSR 220, 296 295 and others. Zipper is a Base for SGAP, TecServManager and LogisticaDigital on Java.net. and FullServiceVirtual (Virtual) on code.google.com.

* Zipper-JSF
* ConfigManager (ZipperConfigManager)
* ConfigManager-ServiceLocator (ZipperServiceLocator)
* PersistenceUtils (ZipperPersistenceUtils)

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Tags: open mysql xoops e-commerce php paypal source
Oledrion is aimed to be the e-Commerce module for Xoops
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Symbiosys is an implementation of PatientOS where the UI layer uses with eclipse's rcp, jface and swt widget libraries to achieve native look and feel of the gui at runtime.

The system can be described as an emr, ehr, pmr, pms -- patient management system, electronic health records, electronic medical records.

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Unreleased highly modular publishing system.
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A simple Pastebin that uses SQLite or MySQL, uses geshi and Smarty.
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Tags: mysql php enterprise crm source open opencrm
Open-CRM is a open source CRM for enterprise (Customer Relationship Management) written in PHP&MySQL. It is a web based system for contact management, marketing and sales support, project tracking and other CRM (customer relationship management) related tasks.
  Open-CRM is based on a highly scalable open source software stack, known as LAMP (also WAMP): Linux (or Windows) operating system, Apache webserver (IIS possible), MySQL database, PHP language. The sys...
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Truss CMS is an open source content management system project
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vietnamese open source community gathers and ditributes vietnamese students' works and creativities in many kind of languages
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vietnamese open source community gathers and ditributes vietnamese students' works and creativities in many kind of languages
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vietnamese open source community gathers and ditributes vietnamese students' works and creativities in many kind of languages
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解决文件永久有效性及全域访问的办法 那就是把下载文件托管到google的服务器上
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PHP Director is an open source content management system ( cms ) designed for the primary content being video . Since March 2007 PHP Director has had a large ammount of support encouraging us to develop out latest version 0.2 this provides a highly customisable template system, Easy to use adminstration panel and now three video sources including YouTube, Daily Motion and Google Video.
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bBlog is a weblogging application written in PHP. It has been programmed to be fast, secure, object-oriented, well-commented, Smarty-centric, and easily extendable.