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The HelenOS project is an effort to develop a complete and usable modern operating system, yet offering room for experimenting and research. HelenOS uses its own microkernel written from scratch and supports SMP, multitasking and multithreading on both 32-bit and 64-bit, little-endian and big-endian processor architectures, among which are AMD64/EM64T (x86-64), ARM, IA-32, IA-64 (Itanium), 32-bit MIPS, 32-bit PowerPC, SPARC V9 and Xen 3.0. Thanks to the relatively high number of supported archit...
Jari OS
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Jari OS is a real-time microkernel operating system which runs in terms of multi-service architecture. Core system consists of its own microkernel ╬╝String, core and system services, set of device drivers launched as trusted services.

Our system is a pure microkernel and multi-service OS. All work is made via trusted services, and each service works within its own address space, and in this case Jari OS is a pure multi-service OS. Jari OS provide POSIX API for threads, files, networking, ti...

TFS Control (Team Foundation Server
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Tags: serv system code control source foundation team tfs
This is an internal project developed at Dooblo (http://www.dooblo.net) to assist us in viewing what files were changed in the source control (using Microsoft's Team System).
It a great tool to track changes that had occurred at a specified time frame and are suspected of causing problems.
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Truss CMS is an open source content management system project
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PHP Director is an open source content management system ( cms ) designed for the primary content being video . Since March 2007 PHP Director has had a large ammount of support encouraging us to develop out latest version 0.2 this provides a highly customisable template system, Easy to use adminstration panel and now three video sources including YouTube, Daily Motion and Google Video.
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Kernel originally port of the old GOSOT project (now discontinued), now is completely independent and able to do most of the things a kernel is expected to do.

Comes with a personalized set of tools and libraries that makes it easy to expand following the original structure.

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Tags: best source open system operating worlds linux bellona
The goal of project bellona is to build an open-source operating system used more widely than any other Operating System in the world. Bellona should have a good GUI with great usability. Bellona linux should have an amazing amount of available drivers.

The incentive for working on Bellona linux:

Working on an operating system kills time like none other.
Building the world's best operating system gives you bragging rights.

Bellona should not be advertised...

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Tags: source open freeloader system operating os

An open source 32-bit operating system written for the x86 platform. Features full keyboard support, dynamic memory allocation, and up to 4GB of memory, and uses a console based interface. 16-bit color support is also availible via the system libraries (which are written in C).


GUI/Desktop Environment Hard Drive Support (Read/Write/FS) Floppy Drive Support (Read/Write/FS) Full graphics support w/ SVGA and or VESA drivers.

MSBuild Project Template for Visual
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Tags: system team studio visual control source msbuild tfs
A Visual Studio template that gives a basic framework for editing MSBuild project files from within the Visual Studio IDE, also supporting Source Control without leaving the Solution Explorer window.
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Tags: god locke system operationg source open
Basic concept here is linux, except its total freedom from the ground up, to customize and revise, then add into the orignal coding to adhere to the people's needs, with very proper conversion packs for those with special OS needs