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Everything Development Engine
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The Everything Development Engine is Yet Another web content management system that uses Apache mod_perl and MySQL to move blocks of text/html around. It is used on Everything2.com, PerlMonks.org, and Animefu.com.
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  APMServ 5.2.0 是一款拥有图形界面的快速搭建Apache 2.2.3、PHP 5.2.0、MySQL 5.0.27&4.0.26、SQLite、ZendOptimizer、OpenSSL、phpMyAdmin、SQLiteManager,以及 ASP、CGI、Perl网站服务器平台的绿色软件。无需安装,具有灵活的移动性,将其拷贝到其它目录、分区或别的电脑时,均只需点击 APMServ.exe中的启动按钮,即可自动进行相关设置,将Apache和MySQL安装为系统服务并启动。APMServ集合了Apache稳定安全的优点,并拥有跟IIS一样便捷的图形管理界面,同时支持MySQL 5.0 & 4.0两个版本,虚拟主机、虚拟目录、端口更改、SMTP、上传大小限制、自动全局变量、SSL证书制作、缓存性能优化等设置,只需鼠标一点即可完成。

  1、注意事项:APMServ程序所在路径不能含有汉字和空格。   2、MySQL默认用户名:root,密码为空   3、MySQL数据库文件存放目录:MySQL5.0\data或MySQL4.0\data   4、网站...

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Tags: 2 apache gpl open sqlite mysql 5 php5 php kofel otserv acc aac tibia ots
Under developement simple and flexible Automatic Account Creator for Open Tibia Server project, developed by one person. What needs to run? Just HTTP server ( with php5 support ), MySQL server ( optional ).
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Tags: sqlite windows mysql php apache
OwebPHP is a self-contained website development kit (Web SDK) which allows you to run AMP-based (Apache/PHP/MySQL) pages and services from Windows with little or no configuration.

1. Unzip OwebPHP-20081211.zip to C:

2. Run C:\Start.cmd (double-click in Windows Explorer)

3. Visit http://localhost:1979/

Really, that's it! You can start putting files into the ./website/ directory or edit ./conf/httpd.conf to change the port to something else.

Stop the server by r...

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Tags: sqlite apache mod-rewrite
RewriteDB is a C application which is designed to be used with the Apache Webserver mod_rewrite module. It allows you to dynamically map arbitrary mod_rewrite URLs to one or more real URLs. It is useful for site management, or to increase search engine visibility. The backend datbaase is sqlite, meaning you can also manipulate the rewrite rules using a language such as PHPwithout having to reboot the web server.