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Jaws CMS/Framework
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Jaws is a Framework and Content Management System(CMS) for building dynamic web sites. It aims to be User Friendly giving ease of use and lots of ways to customize web sites, but at the same time is Developer Friendly, it offers a simple and powerful framework to hack your own modules.
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The ZeosLib is a set of database components for MySQL, PostgreSQL, Interbase, Firebird, MS SQL, Sybase, Oracle and SQLite for Delphi, FreePascal/Lazarus, Kylix and C++ Builder.
It connects to the chosen database using it's native API, so no database middleware (eg. BDE) is needed.
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Linq provider for MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Ingres and Firebird
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Tags: odbc mysql postgresql c++ dbms oracle sqlite firebird mssql
The database access library for C++ programmers that provides the illusion of embedding SQL in regular C++ code, staying entirely within the C++ standard.
GNU Enterprise
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GNU Enterprise (GNUe) is a meta-project which is part of the overall GNU Project. GNUe's goal is to develop enterprise-class data-aware applications as Free software. GNUe is itself comprised of several subprojects.
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Epheket is an assocation of individuals who have made common cause to create some Free Software for everyone, which members are from all over the world. We like to promote a community spirit amongst those who contribute to and use our software. Years of practise and gained experience let us introduce you as good as it is possible applications. Ambitious members of our crew will help you with a pleasure, to solve any kind of problem. We want to introduce our offer and give you opportunity to get ...
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Integrated database development tool for GNOME
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UniDB is a database abstraction layer for PHP developers. It's goal is to enable the developers to focus not on cross database compliance, but to focus on the main purpose of the program.
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Tags: access ado mysql sqlite orm python mssql postgresql firebird dbms
Geniusql is a public domain, low-level Object-Relational Mapper for Python applications. If you're familiar with Martin Fowler's work, you can think of Geniusql as providing a Data Source layer. It primarily uses a generic Table Data Gateway architecture (as opposed to the more tightly-coupled Active Record architecture recently popularized by Ruby On Rails and Django).
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Dabo is a 3-tier, cross-platform desktop application development framework, written in Python atop the wxPython GUI toolkit. And while Dabo is designed to create database-centric apps, that is not a requirement. Lots of people are using Dabo for the GUI tools to create apps that have no need to connect to a database at all.
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Tags: wwf wcf wpf soa mono .net postgresql sqlite firebird oracle mssql mysql mvc orm c#
CAOS PoliceSistema de Control de Procesos y Procedimientos PolicialesTales como:

Denuncias en oficina Denuncias telefónicas Boletas de infracción Censos de unidades de transporte público. Desarrollado en:

C# .Net y/o Mono Multi DBMS Implementando:

SOA ORM ActiveRecord Unit Test Haciendo uso de:

Windows Comunication Fundation Windows Presentation Fundation Windows Workflow Fundation.

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Tags: firebird mssql pgsql sqlite mysql xml javscript css html xhtml php
Crav3X CMS is a multifunctional content management system, which is still in development. At the beginning it was developed as a cms for band sites, now it also can be used as a blog or community system, club or clan site, etc.
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Tags: mssql ado mysql python orm sqlite postgresql access firebird
Dejavu is a public domain, thread-safe Object-Relational Mapper and database Mediator for Python applications.
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Tags: mysql firebird oracle postgresql odbc ada sql dbms sqlite mssql
SOCI-Ada is a database access library for Ada, based on the SOCI project.

SOCI-Ada provides the following features of SOCI to the Ada community:

* Modular design based on dynamic backend loading. Thanks to this feature, new backends implemented within the context of the main SOCI project are immediately available for Ada programmers without any additional work. A large community of C++ users can help ensure that the new backends are well tested in a variety of environments and us...