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SPIP est un Système de Publication pour l'Internet. Kesako ? Il s'agit d'un ensemble de fichiers, installés sur votre compte Web, qui vous permettent de bénéficier d'un certain nombre d'automatismes : gérer un site à plusieurs, mettre en page vos articles sans avoir à taper de HTML, modifier très facilement la structure de votre site... Avec le même logiciel qui sert à visiter un site (Netscape, Microsoft Explorer, Mozilla, Opera...), SPIP permet de fabriquer et de tenir un site à jour, grâce à ...
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DotClear is a blogging platform in PHP.
It has an easy to use web interface and a big French community. This new version permits multiblog configurations.
Dotclear Lab
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Dotclear Lab is a community space dedicated to theme and plugin creators for Dotclear 2.
KFM - Kae's File Manager
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Ajax file manager. Can be plugged into FCKeditor or TinyMCE, or used standalone.

some features are:
- drag-and-drop file management
- thumbnails, image manipulation
- syntax-highlighted text editing
- tagging and searching
- media-player plugins (mp3, avi, etc)

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All source of 3rgb.com.It was developed with ASP(VBscript).
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Tags: jquery sqlite air
基于AIR 的 Sqlite 管理器




数据库创建及删除 数据表创建及结构修改 数据库记录查询 数据库记录导出 其它

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Tags: sqlite jquery python postgres django database
Computerbank Database ProjectComputerbank is based in Melboure Australia. We are a not for profit organisation recycling computers with Linux and open source software.

Recycled, restored computers are sold from $15 to people on a low income.

The database projectThe Django database project commenced in April 2007. The aim is to design and build a web based database to cover most of Computerbank's work processes. The database will cover contact details, sales, user support, free tr...

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Tags: sqlite postgresql mysql jquery css php fluxbb punbb
FlazyFlazy — это быстрый, лёгкий и бесплатный веб-форум с открытым исходным кодом, выпущенные под лицензий GNU General Public License. Простой и лаконичный интерфейс позволяет легко освоиться за несколько минут. Безопасность, высокая скорость работы, гибкость и расширяемость — основные качества, присущие Flazy. Код полностью написан на PHP. Форум поддерживает различные СУБД: MySQL, PostgreSQL или SQLite.

Flazy основан на PunBB 1.3 и следует его принципам, в основе которых быстрота, компак...

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Main project:

Mapping,discovering relations and mining conclusive data from social networks.

There are various other projects meant as utilities or code that can be re-used in some projects.

StoryGame Engine
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A new engine for the independent development of highly interactive, narrative driven, multiplayer and multimedia capable browser-based games.
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Torrent Tracker slightly based on phpBB2ChangeLog18 May 2009 - Allow downloading gold torrent if ratio < min.
- Work on gallery (multi-upload) - [RoadTrain]

20 Apr 2009 - Work on DHT disabling. - [Pandora, RoadTrain]
12 Apr 2009 - Redirect to previous page after login. - [RoadTrain]
11 Apr 2009 - New cool stat on index page - [RoadTrain]
05 Apr 2009 - Cache classes: eAccelerator & XCache - [Pandora]

22 Mar 20...