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Tags: lua sqlite
binding of Sqlite3 for Lua.

Lua-Sqlite3 is unique in contrast to other database bindings that it consists of two layers. The first layer translates the SQLite 3 implementation's C API to Lua. The first layer is called the backend. The second layers are frontend layers, written in Lua. These layers provide a nice and smart view of the database

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Tags: lua sqlite
Lua 5 binding to allow users/developers to manipulate SQLite 2 and SQLite 3 databases (through different implementations) from lua
AOS Rhino Application Server
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Tags: server application http lua sqlite mvc json c++
AOS is designed and written to be the fastest application server with very tight control of memory allocations, efficient execution algorithms, built-in timing and statistics for performance tuning and easy extension.
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Tags: interface sqlite lua gmod garrysmod
A really simple Lua interface for use with Garry's Mod.

SyntaxThe module creates a global table called 'sql'. It has 2 member functions.

local results = sql.Query( 'SELECT * FROM sometable' )

if ( results ) then

foreach id, row in pairs( results ) do

Msg( row[ 'username' ], " = ", row[ 'email' ], "\n" )



Msg( "Error Running Query: ", sql.LastError(), "\n" )