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Tags: antlr code-generation code-generators parser sqlite
The ClassDOM is meant to be a small library that presents a general set of C++ classes for representing a (largely) language generic class heirarchy. This includes all the members and member functions for each class, as well as the files the class may use or include. It was written to be used by the VCF Builder as a way to create an AST like structure either by parsing some existing code, or to be generated by the IDE in order to create code.
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Synopsislemon2yapp.pl < input.y > output.yp

DescriptionLemon is a parser generator maintained as part of the SQLite project. This perl script takes a lemon grammar file on stdin (input.y) and prints out an equivalent grammar file suitable for use with the Parse::Yapp perl parser generator module (output.yp). This output can be used with the yapp command line tool to produce a perl parser for the grammar. The output is also good for making a skeletal grammar file for use with yacc, a...