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KOffice is a free, integrated office suite for KDE, the K Desktop Environment. KOffice applications uses OpenDocument as their native file format when possible. The suite is released separately from KDE.

The KOffice suite includes the following applications:
- KWord - A frame-based word processor
- KSpread - A powerful spreadsheet application
- KPresenter - A full-featured presentation program
- Kexi - An environment for creating data...

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monotone is a free distributed version control system. It provides a simple, single-file transactional version store, with fully disconnected operation and an efficient peer-to-peer synchronization protocol. It understands history-sensitive merging, lightweight branches, integrated code review and 3rd party testing. It uses cryptographic version naming and client-side RSA certificates.

It has good internationalization support, has no external dependencies, is written in C++, runs on Linux...

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South is a database migration framework for Django applications.
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OpenPNE is a Social Networking Service Engine written in PHP. It has many features(friend control,friend invitation,diary,blog feeds,message box,etc).
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Django External Schema Evolution Branch

Django, via the command ./manage syncdb, can automatically build a database schema based on your applications models.py file. However, after you've done this once, it leaves you with two unpleasant follow-up options if you ever make any changes to your model structure:

1. destroy your existing schema (along with all your data) and let ./manage syncdb rebuild it for you
2. manage your own schema upgrades by writing your own S...

Enveria IDE
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The Enveria IDE for Rapid Application Development is an intuitive platform for programming robust GUI software.
Spring Python
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Spring Python is an offshoot of the Java-based SpringFramework and AcegiSecurityFramework, targeted for Python. Spring provides many useful features, and I wanted those same features available when working with Python.

Several key features include:
* Inversion of control
* Aspect oriented programming
* DatabaseTemplate
* Database transaction management
* Distributed remoting
* Security

You can pick an...

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Simple to use library that handles a lot of things for you.
Open Topology
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The Open Topology project provides an open topography database and web service. This service can be used to retrieve altitude informations for each point on the world.
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Win32URL is an open source URL manager for Windows XP/Vista. It's a small application minimized to system tray which will monitor clipboard for www, email or ftp links that were copied by user from any text with Ctrl+C. When Win32URL recognizes URL in clipboard, notyfication tip pops up and URL is saved in the data base, when user clicks on a notyfication tip, link is launched in default browser or client. Saved links can be validated, editet, deleted or user can create shortcut on desktop from ...