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SQuirreL SQL Client
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SQuirreL SQL Client is a graphical SQL client written in Java that will allow you to view the structure of a JDBC compliant database, browse the data in tables, issue SQL commands etc.
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Simple yet Powerful Jdbc Tool for browsing Relational databases.
DBClient provides both a convenient SQL Editor (highlighting, auto-complete, ...) and automated Browsing and Refactoring Actions (Select, Drop, etc...).
Since release 0.3, it is massively based on Plugins architecture which makes it very extensible.
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This is a MULTI-DB client.
First, this software was intented to be a client just to DB2 Web-Based/Desktop client (general-purpouse), inspired on phpMyAdmin. But after the first release several users asked to add support to other databases, so since version 0.0.9 the software have full support to DB2 (since version 8.1), MYSQL (since version 5.0), POSTGRESQL (since version 7.3), FIREBIRD (since version 1.5), DERBY (since version 10.1) AND ORACLE (since version 10g).

The Deskto...

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Program for home and small business bookkeeping
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Google Calendar Views is a Java Webstart application that helps Google Calendar users with lots of calendars manage them into views. The user can create as many views as they need. The views controls what calendars are hidden, selected, and their color. All account and calendar information is written locally to an encrypted embedded JavaDB (Derby) database.
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Tags: derby swing java xml
imaso is a desktop application for sorting photos and images. The ultimate goal of the project is to build software that is extremely easy to use and which could work in almost autonomous mode. The second most important goal is the ability to customize and configure the way images are placed. In addition, the software shall provide useful features which will not interfere and will not clutter the main interface. An example would be the ability to generate photo albums and upload picture to onlin...
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Standalone Journal Entry desktop client, design with simplicity and portability in mind.
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Tags: jpa swing java derby obiadek
Program powstał na potrzeby prywatne, ale jeżeli także Tobie się przyda, tym lepiej :) Pozwala na stworzenie własnej bazy śniadań, obiadów, kolacji, wykwintnych dań, drinków i paru innych rzeczy, które uznałem za bardzo istotne w codziennym życiu :) Bazę można importować i eksportować, aby przekazać ją innym.

Aplikacja wykorzystuje technologie: Java Persistence API, Apache Derby, Swing. Planowane są kolejne wersje w miarę zmieniających się potrzeb oraz propozycji. Jeśli masz jakieś, pisz ...