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JGraph Diagram Component
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JGraph is a free, mature, and robust Java Graphing framework that fully complies with Swing design principles. It contains all the graph visualization and interaction functionality you might expect in a graph library, including multiple views, layering, zoom, drag and drop, undo, automatic expanding and collapsing, routing, and layouts. You can create stunning workflow editors, call graphs, CAD tools, network diagrams, database visualization tools, and more. It can also be deployed on the server...
The GeoViz Toolkit
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The Geoviz Toolkit is an easy to use set of geographic visualization components. It is an offshoot of the GeoVISTA Studio project. It includes univariate, bivariate, and mutlivarate visualization devices like histograms, maps, scatterplots, and much more.
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Tags: performance graphing component designer gef swing
Avondale is intended to be a Swing based version of the Eclipse GEF project. The idea of the project is very similar to Swing with an extremely clean and well defined API. However there are constructs like connections, layers, etc. that make creating graphical designers for things like database schemas, XML files, etc. very straight forward.