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PUMz is web clipping service project and upgrade project of pumware(pumware.sf.net).
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Tags: drawing swing mobile j2me java desktop draw
repiola is a software written in java that allows to program a "virtual machine" that draws on a surface.

This software is similar to logo but with a assembler-like syntax.

The project have a virtual machine that executes opcodes, an interpreter that translates the assembler-like languaje to opcodes and frontend for desktop (swing) and mobile (j2me).

the main goal is to provide a simple implementation of a virtual machine, an interpreter a compiler and a gui for destop and mo...

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beamer-tool can be connected to a mobile, filters incomming SMS and shows them like a chat (known as SMS2Chat).
beamer-tool shows images and commercials in an old-fashined 2D-slideshow or on a rotating cube in 3D-mode, too.

It supports all mobiles devices which understand the AT-command set.

beamer-tool supports Windows, Linux and MacOS X.

At the moment the whole project is rewritten from C++/Qt to Java/Swing

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JATComm is an application to use a mobile phone connected to your PC to send SMS messages.

It has three parts:

* Serial Connection - handles the serial connection to the mobile phone using RXTX library and sends SMS messages through AT commands.
* SMS Server - a server using RESTlet library to deploy a remote service to send SMS messages.
* SWING client - uses RESTlet to connect to the remote service as a client.

The project supports s...