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Displays the results from many automated continuous builds on a single page.The buildscape GUI:Supports results from CruiseControl. Has simple configuration. Displays up to 6 build panels on a 1280x1024 display. Shows successful builds in green. Shows broken builds in red. Shows the number of continuous successful builds. Flashes red and yellow on 3 successive broken builds. Plays sounds when any build breaks. Plays sounds when the build is subsequently fixed. Can be easily extended to support...
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Tags: appframework rome systemtray swing rss
RSS Feed Reader using ROME, residing in the SystemTray.
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IntroductionNoX is and idea that came to me when I was initially showing Ubuntu to a new user. The conversation went something like this: Me> "and this is the mail client .. " User> "hot damn that's ugly"

and it dawned on me that, well, it is.. and functionality wise it's just not keeping up with it. then again to be fair neither are MS or Mozilla products. So i decided to write my own.

NoX is designed to fit into the MVC pattern, to be modular in development, and integr...