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RDV is a visualization environment for scientific and engineering data. Built on top of the RBNB dynamic data server, it supports local and remote data sources and can visualize numeric, video, image, and audio data in a number of different ways.
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This is the version of my foaf explorer I wrote in 2006.


This project is now hosted in google to answer the request of several persons.

The project also contains SciFOAF, a tool used to create a FOAF profile from pubmed.

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Tags: gui swing unix science java
The aim of the NMR Workflow project is to eventually develop a user-friendly environment for NMR data processing. In particular, irrelevant details (file conversions, executing programs, etc.) should be handled by NMR Workflow while also stream-lining the development of NMR data-processing schema through abstractions. More experienced developers should be able to develop and share "workflows" for processing data, while all users should be able to use the workflows to easily process their data.