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FEST is a collection of compact and fluent APIs, which mission is to simplify software testing. The project provides libraries for:

* Functional testing of Swing-based UIs
* Functional testing of JavaFX-based UIs
* Fluent interface for assertions
* Easy-to-use fluent interface for Java Reflection
* Template for simplifying usage of mock objects

Griffon Fest Plugin
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Enables UI testing with FEST. FEST-Swing is a Java library that provides a fluent interface for functional Swing GUI testing. This library provides an easy-to-use API that makes creation and maintenance of GUI tests easy. Tests created with FEST usually belong to the integration type, as they rely on testing your application from the end-user's point of view: the UI.
Griffon CodeNarc Plugin
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The CodeNarc Plugin provides static code analysis for Groovy code. It uses the CodeNarc library. It is actually a port of the Grails CodeNarc plugin created by Burt Beckwith.
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Tags: harness test automation java bdd swing
Tyburn is a fast, minimal, extensible Java Swing harness.

Unlike many other Swing testing harnesses, this is an automation tool rather than a test extension. This means you can use it with anything you like - JUnit, RSpec and JRuby, your demo, any mocking framework, etc. It doesn't extend JUnit's TestCase.

This project has been driven using BDD techniques. This means that, in src/behaviour, you will find examples of Tyburn being used. These examples also serve as Tyburn's tests.

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Window LickerA framework for the test-driven development of Java systems through the GUI.

FeaturesProvides a high-level API for controlling and making assertions about graphical user interfaces: Swing Dynamic HTML (aka "AJAX") including GWT Deals with the asynchronous nature of GUI and AJAX programming so the tests don't have to Controls the GUI by sending native mouse and keyboard events Handles different keyboard layouts Produces high quality error messages to help you easily diagnose ...

Abbot Java GUI Test Framework
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Abbot is a simple framework for unit and functional testing of Java GUIs. Facilitates generating user actions and examining component state. Supports recording and playback on any Java application.
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Tags: test swing java
A java based GUI test utility that offers testers to spot GUI responses/changes that are supposed to happen because of running of a program/method call. It's not a a totally automated approach, testers have to spot the changes by eye and decide if the test passes. It's more appropriate for QA testing.