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jEdit is an Open Source text editor written in Java. It has many useful features, such as syntax highlighting, bracket matching, regular expression searching, multiple file search and replace, folding, and keyboard macros. jEdit also includes a powerful plugin architecture that allows more than 80 plugins to be downloaded and installed from within the editor.
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Omnivide is a small app itself, written in Java. The idea behind the program is that several plugins will deliver any service you like to you. All in a single app. Omnivide itself will enable you to install/remove and enable/disable any plugin you like, since it’s open source you can also write your own plugins.

Just because we call them plugins doesn’t mean they aren’t full-blown apps. Our Twitter plugin is fully featured with your own timeline, the public timeline, a small overview of yo...

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Tags: api utilities swing sql library java
The SQL Power library has grown organically over the years to support several applications, both open source and proprietary.

It will grow more in the near future as shared code from two newly-open-source products is migrated into this shared code repository.

The open-source projects that use this library include:

The Power*Architect is an open-source data modeling tool. The DQguru (formerly known as Power*MatchMaker) is an open-source data cleansing and de-duping tool. T...

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Tags: utilities games swing java
A small collection of Java libraries.
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FAnAD - Ferramentas Analíticas para Administração de Dados Sabemos que as equipes de administração de dados além de administrarem acesso e regras sobre os bancos.

VPU - Verificação de Permissões entre Usuários.