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Hudson is an automated build system for a team as well as a system that monitors automated jobs (such as cron jobs)
Apache Continuum
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Continuum is a continuous integration server for building Java based projects. It supports a wide range of projects.
Tigase Jabber/XMPP Server
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Tigase Jabber/XMPP Server is Open Source and Free (GPLv3) Java server using all available features in last JDKs. It uses NIO for network communication, selectors, concurrent JDK framework, security library and so on. All these functionalities are available directly from JDK so the need for external libraries is limited to minimum. Actually it doesn't use any external library at run-time. A few third-party libraries are used for development such as JUnit, Forrest, UnitTestsGen and ANT
SubEtha SMTP
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Tags: enterprise nio wiser testing framework server java smtp email mina
SubEthaSMTP is a easy to understand Java library which provides a receptive SMTP server component. By plugging this component into your Java application, you can easily receive SMTP mail using a simple abstract Java interface. Also included is a small sub-project called Wiser, an easy to use incoming mail testing framework.
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Mailster is a project aimed at testing software mail capabilities. It provides a mail server container to test emails sent by your apps without rewriting your application code.
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Tags: load testing http server security balancing
Halberd discovers HTTP load balancers. It is useful for web application security auditing and for load balancer configuration testing.
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Tags: server linux testing administration
Ever heard of test driven development? What about test driven administration? Take a look around examples/ folder for example tests that you can run agains your server.

The general configuration should be done through the test-server.yaml and should be managable by any non Perl awear admin (are there any?). Of course you are free to put any other test that make sence for your server.

The idea behind this is following: You run prove /etc/t and everything is fine. Server is up and runn...

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Tags: server python testing
c10k.net is the community site for game server programming geeks who want to compete with other friends for his/her own server/network library (aka networking core)'s performance, stability and scalability.

The basic goals of c10k.net are:

developing generic stress clients for testing "networking core" under open source license. the clients should supports execution on distributed systems. developing various & flexible test cases/suites. scripting will be good choice. supports ...

Database Unit Testing with C#
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Tags: programming database 2005 server sql testing unit
Database Unit Testing with C# and NUnit.


SQL Load Test
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This tool takes a SQL Profiler trace file and generates a unit test that replays the same sequence of database calls found in the trace file. The unit test is designed to be used in a Visual Studio Load Test. The code generated is easily modifiable so that data variation can be introduced for the purpose of doing performance testing.

The tool generates code for both Visual Studio 2005 and Visual Studio 2008. The source code is a Visual Studio 2005 project.

This is a V1 release with s...

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Tags: ssis unit testing server sql
ssisUnit is a unit testing framework for SQL Server Integration Services.