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Completely customizable, CakePHP based project management system for firms, their teams and their clients.

A project management system that will suit your needs because it is module based, so it can grow and shrink with your requirements.

Version 0.4 beta was released March 23, 2009.

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A Django-based time tracking web application.
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Timeboxx is a webbased timesheet application written in PHP with the SYMFONY-Framework
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Tags: time timesheet timetracker timetool
OverviewThis is a very simple time tracking application.

Add your task and clients by clicking "Add Task" Click that task in the grid to start tracking time against it After 8 hours have accrued, I suggest leaving work and going home InstallDownload the .zip file

To run it, expand the .zip file and double click on the TimeTool Jar file (TimeTool.jar).

This requires the Java 5.0 Runtime.

On Windows, visit Sun's Java Site and follow the links to JRE 5.0. On Mac OS X 1.4...

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Tags: mohammed intesar community timesheet shannan
Timehseet Management Community
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This is a Ruby application that will help you track the time you spend in different tasks. For instance, I'll use it to track the times I spend in each of the software developments activities (design, analisys, coding, unit testing).

I know, there are lots of applications that claim to do this, but I have tried several free options and none of them had what I needed. What I'm looking for is: good reporting, fast UI (shortcuts enabled), tasks tree support, easy handling of several projects,...

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Tags: timesheet
Timesheet Community
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This gadget will be indispensable for anyone who is involved in multiple projects at any given day and wants to record how he allocated his time to each project.

Time sheets is essential to be filled out accurately in many industries like consulting and government jobs. This gadget will prove to be very useful for not only people who are working these jobs but also students who can analyze at the end of the day or week on how they spend their time and how they can better distribute it. ...

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Tags: timesheet calendar accounting
The software generatas a time sheet for a given period from Google Calendar entries.
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Online project management with team collaboration, user management, multiple access levels, tasks, projects, and time tracking, task change history, files approval tracking, notes, client project sites, CRM, Gantt graphs...

The overall concepts is to create a CMS specifically designed for the taxonomy of service based businesses (Consultants in particular).

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TimeSheet4JPrecisa ter o java 6 instaladoEm BreveOutros Idiomas

Italiano Espanhol


Cliente/Servidor Transferencia de tarefa para outra pessoa Gerenciador de tarefa para gerentes e coordenadores de projetos

Versão 1.4 Release27/02/2009

Características nesta versão incluem:

bug - Corrigido o bug quando desativa um projeto. Versão 1.3 Release17/11/2008

Características nesta versão incluem:

bug - Corrigido o bug quando i...

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Tags: timesheet timelogger basecamp c#
A windows based application to easily enter time information in to Basecamp project management application.
TFS Timesheet
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Tags: 2005 timesheet asp.net 2-0 .net tfs
Adds a timesheet extension to the TeamPlain TFS web access software that is driven off of completed hours entered in various work items.
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Tags: timesheet project devtool python
Project Management tool built using the Google App Engine.

Should allow assignment of tasks to team members and tracking of effort.

See http://cproj.appspot.com

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Tags: html javascript cloud python yui timesheet time
Personal time tracking is essential to many different kinds of organizations. Whether you are a consultant with billable time to many different contracts, or an hourly-wage employee that needs to know how much time you spent on a particular job, ThymeSheet can help shoulder the load.

Running "in the cloud" on Google infrastructure has many benefits. Account management, data storage and backup, traffic scalability, etc. are handled by Google experts. If you have a Google Apps account, you...

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April 2009The rewrite is going OK, i'm modularizing some of the app's aspect through the use of google-gin. Feel free to check the sources anytime. Make sure to use GWT 1.6, you can also use the Google Plugin within Eclipse.

March 2009I'm currently rewriting the whole thing, learned lots of stuff with the first version. Meanwhile, some guys have already a good head start: http://code.google.com/p/ftr-gwt-library/ .

This project was inspired by google calendar. It was made because t...

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Tags: jquery gears timesheet
A serverless timesheet application using javascript with the help of jQuery, saving to the browser's local sqlite database supplied by Gears.
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A plug-and-play company management library that can be used as a building block for a full-service solution to control and administer your company, employees, and all assets associated to running business.
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On my first day of work, I threw together this little app that lets me clock in/clock out, and performs extremely accurate time calculations for hourly workers. It updates to show you how much money you're making in real-time and gives you motivation to get through your day :)

Currently hourly rates, etc. are hardcoded at the top of Form1.cs.

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Tags: management timesheet helpdesk
Modular web application for IT departments management.