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WebAPP - Web Automated Perl Portal System ( http://www.web-app.net )
WebAPP is the most fully-featured, versatile, free and open-source, flat-file Perl portal script available today! Acronym for Web Automated Perl Portal, WebAPP is easily installed on virtually any UNIX-based server. WebAPP requires no SQL backend, no PHP, only a hosting environment offering support for Perl.

Featuring the most complete (and growing) set of interactive community-building resources available, ...

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Excitmeo! WD3 is a free PHP and MSQL based web desktop. That looks a litle bit like unix\linux ,but for your website! It features applications like painting and games plus a simple lite WIKI which features on the front page of the system. You can edit it by pressing admin in the dock. But at the moment ADMIN is diabled! Enjoy!