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functional library monads posix programming systems tools
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Tags: programming unix haskell posix systems library
This package gives you access to the set of operating system services standardised by POSIX 1003.1b (or the IEEE Portable Operating System Interface for Computing Environments - IEEE Std. 1003.1).
MissingH (haskell)
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Tags: haskell unix
MissingH is a large collection of assorted utility libraries for Haskell. Its primary audience is
Haskell programmers that want to get practical things done fast.
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Tags: tools unix monads functional haskell
Haskell modules I'm writing to learn the language and maybe do something useful with.

Modules will focus on text and file processing, maybe some XML manipulation, maybe some mischievousness with stochastic text generation.

What kind of useful things can Haskell do for me? This project will be the answer to that question. Or maybe the answer is to find the right question.