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Open Komodo
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The OpenKomodo Open Source Development Environment for Dynamic Languages and Web Technologies

The Open Komodo project provides a code base upon which integrated development environment (IDE) software packages can be developed. ActiveState's Komodo Edit 4.3 and later (an open source, multi-platform, multi-language editor) is an established, mature product that uses the Open Komodo platform.

With the Open Komodo Project, the focus is on dynamic languages and the open web. Open Komodo i...

Komodo Edit 4.3 and later
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Focus on what your code can do; let your editor sweat the details.

Komodo Edit offers sophisticated support for all major scripting languages, including in-depth autocomplete and calltips, multi-language file support, syntax coloring and syntax checking, Vi emulation, and Emacs key bindings.

Komodo Edit is built on the Mozilla code base and versions 4.3 and later are licensed under the same terms as Firefox: Mozilla Public License (MPL), GNU General Public License (GPL), and GNU Le...

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nhttp(d) is an extensible web server licensed under the GPL + Linking Exception. It is still in early stages, but aims to operate primarily as a multithreaded web server written in C (ISO 9899) on POSIX compliant systems. Many features will be added to the core server, including the ability to run applications on the server under different privileges. This means, for instance, that you will be able to set up directories for each user, and have programs in those directories run under that users' ...
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License: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/uk/ CC BY-SA

Subversion that contains project files to go with all the tutorials published on saiweb.co.uk and phpbuzz.co.uk

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Tags: cloud javascript ajax php operatingsystem os webos web unix
Webix is a webOS inspired on the UNIX architecture.