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Tags: css design osx webx web daverto website
WebX, a high quality javascript interface, is the best way to express yourself. With random desktop backgrounds, dynamic scripts for Twitter and Last.FM. You are now able to show off in a clean and dynamic interface.
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Plugin for inkscape, which generates sliced bitmaps directly from your vector drawings. Highly integrated -- uses standard rectangles on a special layer to mark areas which should be sliced. SVG attributes provide file naming, etc.
Watermelon CMS
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Watermelon CMS is an open source content management system designed for small websites (e.g. homepages). It's now polish-only, but it will be multilingual.
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Tags: oop mvc simplecms easycms website cms php5
Yupi is yet another CMS writen in php in oop style maner. It has a easy theme system and support for themes and templates.

Find out more on project site: http://yupi-cms.com

AboutFirst release of yupi-cms is planed by the end of April 2009.

At current state you can download using svn but you have to configure it manually, it's only required to setup database and setup project path to be able to run cms. Currently i am working admin theme to improve user interfac...

community codeswarm
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Tags: website mercurial code-swarm markdown
Community codeswarm enables you to create shared code_swarm videos across free software projects - its long-term goal is tracking the progress of software projects visually in near-realtime.
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Finisht is where you keep track of your completed development tasks.

If you're like us, you finish tasks assigned to you from several sources – email, bug trackers, support tickets, face-to-face interactions, etc. It's difficult to find a list of all the things you've done.

Also, if you're even more like us, you want to change things you wouldn't normally be able to change. So, we made this thing open source, and you can build new features if you so desire.

Oh, and it's wri...

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Tags: generator static python django website
Hyde is a static website generator using the Django templating engine.

Feature List:

* Page Context Variables
* Site templates
* Plugins
* Generates site navigation, breadcrumbs and listings

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IDThemes is an implementation of innovative methods in the development of qualitative themes and templates for Drupal content management system.
pyMarkdown Minisite
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pyMarkdown Minisite allows you to quickly create simple but nice looking websites.

To create a website you just write plain text documents in Markdown syntax with .mdwn as file suffix. The script then parses these files and adds an index file (if you create an "index.mdwn" file, it uses that as index instead), as well as date tags, backlinks and a simple design.

When you update it, only the date tags on changed pages get updated, so each date tag shows when the page was last update...

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Tool that collects web performance data and shows it in aggregated form for better business understanding.
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Tags: html site website cms php
A Content Management System built using PHP, allows a owner to edit content on the site with no/little web programming knowledge.
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Tags: website
gestion galerie
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Tags: event seaside website
An event manager website. User can create, manage event infos.
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We are all geeks and we assume. We know that other guys are like us, and we want to share our experiences, feelings, projects, and other things with them all. This website will be developed using PHP, MySQL, jQuery. It will have a few mashups and will be a sort of showcase for our achievements and our resumes.
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Zaapt is a CMS written in Perl/Mason and using PostgreSQL as it's database. It includes many content types (managed pages, news, blogs, forums, etc) which can be used straight out of the box.

The example sites include:

minor customisations with an admin area - Zaapt Homepage minimal customisations - Zaapt Homepage (Simple) major customisations (*) a standalone administration site (*) (Note: * these sites are yet to be added.)

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Tags: rails admin website
Walk Trough of Task Admin for 40 Websites

The admin team for the forty websites that make up 40 websites are Lucy, the owner and editor based in LOndon UK, Carol Ng and Susie both based in China.

Carol and Susie are studying for English and Public Relations masters degrees at university. They both work 20 hours a week for 40 websites.

Before joining they had not done any webwork before.

UK culture and what UK consumers may want to see in a website is alien to them. <...

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Asalta is a WYSIWYG web site editor that uses DHTML for direct manipulation of web content. Following unique design principles, Asalta has been designed to provide its users a unique experience in designing and developing web pages. The users get to use the webpage at the same time as they develop it.

Browser Compatibility

Version 1.0
- Firefox (tested in version
- Netscape Navigator (tested in version

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Tags: website template blogger
This took me about 3 days to figure out. I used a few blogger tips/tricks sites to discover how to do this. Most of it I had to figure out by myself, not being someone to dabble further than HTML and CSS.

I had to add an extra blank post to make the homepage look like it belonged. Then I figured out how to show a Sidebar for each post/label. I'm using labels.

I don't know if I can disable the text on a form field to be hidden, I plan to add more sidebars through the code and if th...

Church CRM Suite
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The Congregations Relationship management Suite is a suite of tools designed to provide web based services and organizational tools geared toward online Congregation and Church resource management and social interaction.